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LUVVITT® ANTI-SHOCK Ultra-Clear Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (New and Improved)

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LUVVITT® EXTREME Protection ANTI-SHOCK Ultra-Clear Screen Protector
Protect the screen of your Galaxy Note 3 with ANTI-SHOCK EXTREME screen protector by LUVVITT®

Due to it's multilayer technology, featuring an ultra clear, shock-absorbing silicone layer, LUVVITT® EXTREME Protection ANTI-SHOCK Screen Protector for Note 3 provides the ultimate protection without having to compromise from the high resolution of your screen.

Unlike most screen protectors, Luvvitt HD UltraClear Screen protector will not leave any sticky residues when removed.

It perfectly fits to the size of your screen and is totally responsive to your touch, whilst scratches, dirty fingerprints and dust build-up on your screen will no longer be an issue. There is no streaking, no bubbles and no glare, just incredibly clear protection for your LCD screen, ensuring your iPhone keeps it's beautiful scratch free screen!

Lifetime LUVVITT® Warranty with quick and easy LUVVITT® service