A report from Wall Street Journal indicates that the much rumored Samsung Galaxy S 4 spinoff – the Galaxy S 4 Mini – will see a launch in a little over 3 weeks from now, on June 20. There have been various details leaked about this phone already (with Samsung being one of the main sources of this, all thanks to an inadvertently leaked preview page for the Mini), but the June 20th launch date to be held in London will bring the Mini out in the real world officially, along with the Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Note III smartphone in all likelihood (along with rumored Windows 8 based devices). Read on to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini below the break.





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The Galaxy S 4 Mini has been the subject of various leaks, to the point where precious little remains unknown about this upcoming Samsung smartphone. For instance, Engadget had got a screen grab of a listing for the Galaxy S 4 Mini on the U.K. website of Samsung itself.


It is quite clear by now that the S 4 Mini is a smaller version of the full fledged 5 inch flagship that is the Galaxy S 4. It is expected to be a great deal cheaper as well, and could attract a lot of customers who find the (excellent but rather pricey) S 4 beyond their means.


Source: Wall Street Journal