It wouldn't be an exaggeration to claim that Samsung *gets* Android phones. They have managed to combine their scorched earth policy of selling various phone models along with bringing through the biggest advances in mobile hardware at almost every step of the way. What they curiously don't seem to do well at all is design. We aren't targeting a specific phone here - Samsung's phones tend to be made of a cheap looking and feeling plastic (with no special treatment for their flagships either), while their default Android skin - Touchwiz - was, and is, an abomination. If you've bought a Samsung Galaxy phone at any point and wished you could just improve just about any aspect of the user experience, look no further than below the break to know more!







Giving your phone UI a makeover relies on skinning your Android phone. Simple as it sounds, it is still a great deal more customization than that allowed in the likes of Apple's iOS devices or Microsoft's Windows Phone based phones. Android allows you to change the very look and feel of the phone from top down.

Here's what you do first - go to Google Play, and search for a home screen launcher. We suggest Apex Launcher, as it, along with Nova Launcher, is arguably the most stable and feature laden launcher app of all. You don't really need to buy the apps, as their free versions pack in a huge number of features by themselves, but you could do so nonetheless to support the sheer level of expertise needed in developing launchers.

When that's done, press the home screen button in your phone, and you will get an option to either use the Samsung Launcher, or Apex. Choose to use Apex always instead. You will be greeted by a clean and zippy number of empty homescreens. To fill them up, you could try the Ultimate Custom Clock Widget - a widget that, as its name suggests, gives you a basic clock widget along with endless amounts of customization and skins for it. You can browse through it and take your pick at ease.
Finally, you should check out a custom icon set. You should have a look at the Stark icon set, as it's a minimalistic and yet classy set of icons that make the lot from Touchwiz look downright cartoony in comparison.
The examples mentioned above aren't necessarily the best for everyone, and that in itself is a key benefit of the Android OS - the ability for it to be molded according to its users' tastes. Have a look through Google Play to find better looking icons and clock widgets and more, and you'll definitely find some that are to your liking!