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  1. Tesla And Apple: A Match Made In Heaven

    Tesla automobiles are pretty cool. They look good, run on electricity, which means they have more power from a dead stop; and have onboard computers which are fully upgradeable. It's that last thing which makes them so awesome in our eyes. For example, as other car manufacturers struggle to design self-driving cars, Tesla merely has to upgrade the programming already...
  2. Apple’s latest allegations: Galaxy S 4 and Google Now infringe on Siri related patents

    Apple and Samsung’s legal wranglings have been protracted at every stage, to put it mildly. Their latest run in has involved Apple putting the flagship Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, in its legal crosshairs in recent weeks. After notifying the California court where the patent litigation proceedings are underway about its intentions to amend its allegations against Samsung, the Cupertino company is back this week with claims that make not just the Samsung Galaxy S 4 the infringing party, but Google’s very own Now assisted search app as well. Read on to find out more about this scoop sourced from Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents.             Continue reading →
  3. Taiwanese university sues Apple over Siri tech

    Apple is a company that traditionally tends to be at the accusing end of a fight over patent infringement. Practically every Android manufacturer worth its salt has faced the Cupertino company’s (often misplaced) wrath over what the latter perceives to be imitation of its own tech.  Not this time however. A Taiwanese university has just sued Apple Inc. over infringement...

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