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  1. Samsung Galaxy S 4 sales reportedly cross the 20 million mark

    Samsung has had a blockbuster in its hands with the Galaxy S 4, that much is an indisputable fact. However, despite it being the bestselling smartphone in the most popular series of smartphones manufactured by any company to boot, there had been some murmurings that seemed to hint at some level of disappointment at the sales of the S 4. From the looks of it though, those seeds of doubt seemed to have been completely unfounded as latest reports out of Korea (Samsung’s home country) indicate that the Galaxy S 4 has indeed crossed the 20 million mark in number of units sold since its launch.       Continue reading →
  2. Samsung expects to cross 10 MILLION in Galaxy S 4 smartphone sales by next week!

      Samsung’s flagsip Galaxy S 4 Android smartphone may not have been as much of an improvement over the Galaxy S 3 that preceded it, but there wasn’t ever any doubt about it doing well. However, doing ‘well’ would be an understatement, given that Samsung’s co-CEO, J K Shin, has claimed that there will have been 10 million units of the Galaxy S 4 sold by next week.       Continue reading →
  3. Samsung to do away with its plasticky builds for next gen Galaxy devices?

    Samsung has always had a tendency to make its phone hardware out of plastic. Not polycarbonate or any other fancy material; just pure plastic. This has been a major pet peeve for a huge section of its critics as well as its customers. Despite facing plenty of criticism down the years for the same issue, Samsung has stuck to its guns, and hasn’t exactly had to pay for it because its Android smartphones have been well rounded and intelligently priced enough for them to be the best choice compared to phones and tablets from the likes of other Android OEMs such as HTC and Motorola. However, the gap in device specs between the also rans and Samsung has been getting narrowed down with every passing year, to the point that the current flagships of HTC and Samsung – HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 – are both excellent devices, each with a USP of its own. This has meant that the prickly issue of build quality has a far greater chance of affecting consumer choices and tilting them towards the premium looking HTC One (along with the usual suspect – the Apple iPhone).         Continue reading →
  4. Samsung Galaxy S IV launch sees price of Galaxy S III reduce dramatically

    The upcoming launch of the latest Samsung flagship Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV, is a keenly anticipated event the world over. This is despite the fact that it has been barely a year since the previous flagship – the Samsung Galaxy S III got launched to raving reviews, and that the Galaxy S IV is a barely incremental update to the flagship phone from last year. Despite all that, the impending release of the S IV has seen the prices of the S III crash rather intensely, and that is without taking into account the fact that the upcoming S IV has not actually released yet.         Continue reading →
  5. Samsung rips into the iPhone 5 with its latest ad

    Samsung and Apple aren't exactly the most chummy companies out there - that isn't really much of a doubt anymore after there widely publicized squabbling over patents lately. The $1.05 billion damages won by Apple has only poisoned the waters further. Apple's typically self effusive response in the aftermath of the trial decision, where it harped upon its own 'values', didn't go down too well with the folks at Samsung Electronics, and now they've released the latest in their series panning Apple products. The Apple product in their crosshairs is a fairly obvious choice - it is the just announced iPhone 5. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="via Mashable"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  6. Top 3 Features of Samsung Galaxy S3

    With the release of its newest smartphone, Galaxy S3, Samsung has really made an effort to produce value for the money for its customers and loyal fans. The new release contains a number of technical novelties that are both useful and entertaining. Below we will take a look at some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 features in a list of...
  7. Samsung Galaxy S3 new Features and Accessories

    Now that Samsung’s latest creation, Samsung Galaxy S3, has been released worldwide, it is time to take a look at what are its most interesting technical features as well as some Samsung accessories. The Galaxy S3 is hoped to become a bestseller like its predecessors Galaxy S2 and the very first success model Galaxy S.   Released by the Korean...

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