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  1. Samsung event lined up on September 4; to reveal Note III and smartwatch?

    Samsung’s not one to stay away from device launches for two long, and the latest rumor doing the rounds is that it has a fairly major event lined up in a month from now, on the 4th of September. The reports indicate that the Korean giant has at least two important devices up for that event, and it is rather likely that you have heard a fair bit about them already. One of them is the Galaxy Note III, the third in Samsung’s line of bestselling premium phablets, and the other is, interestingly, a smartwatch that is being dubbed ‘Gear’ apparently. Read on below the break to know more about the report!       Continue reading →
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch event to be held on September 4?

      It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assert that a Samsung device launch event is never too long way at any given time of the year, and so it’s proved yet again with the latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. To be precise, the Note 3 phablet’s probably launch event date has been leaked, and is expected to be held after a couple of months, on the 4th of September.         Continue reading →
  3. Wall Street Journal: Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini to be launched on June 20th

    A report from Wall Street Journal indicates that the much rumored Samsung Galaxy S 4 spinoff – the Galaxy S 4 Mini – will see a launch in a little over 3 weeks from now, on June 20. There have been various details leaked about this phone already (with Samsung being one of the main sources of this, all thanks to an inadvertently leaked preview page for the Mini), but the June 20th launch date to be held in London will bring the Mini out in the real world officially, along with the Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Note III smartphone in all likelihood (along with rumored Windows 8 based devices). Read on to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini below the break.         [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="via Gottabemobile.com"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  4. Galaxy Note 3 specs get leaked – Snapdragon processor, powerful camera highlights of much awaited heir to the phablet throne

    There have been rumors swirling around about the Samsung Galaxy Note III over the last couple of days, and from the looks of it, the Korean electronics giant have spared no cost in tweaking an already popular device to make it even better than before, as the Galaxy Note 3 reportedly features a 13 MP camera and a Snapdragon 800 processor (which is quite unlike Samsung’s general strategy of featuring its own in-house Exynos chipset in almost all of its flagship devices).           Continue reading →
  5. Samsung to do away with its plasticky builds for next gen Galaxy devices?

    Samsung has always had a tendency to make its phone hardware out of plastic. Not polycarbonate or any other fancy material; just pure plastic. This has been a major pet peeve for a huge section of its critics as well as its customers. Despite facing plenty of criticism down the years for the same issue, Samsung has stuck to its guns, and hasn’t exactly had to pay for it because its Android smartphones have been well rounded and intelligently priced enough for them to be the best choice compared to phones and tablets from the likes of other Android OEMs such as HTC and Motorola. However, the gap in device specs between the also rans and Samsung has been getting narrowed down with every passing year, to the point that the current flagships of HTC and Samsung – HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 – are both excellent devices, each with a USP of its own. This has meant that the prickly issue of build quality has a far greater chance of affecting consumer choices and tilting them towards the premium looking HTC One (along with the usual suspect – the Apple iPhone).         Continue reading →

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