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  1. Samsung infringes Apple’s bounce back patent in Japan

    As the patent battle drones on between Apple and Samsung, another round has been won by Apple after a Tokyo court decided that Samsung had infringed upon Apple’s bounce back patent. This comes as a blow to Samsung because earlier this year the United States Patent and Trademark office had ruled that this particular patent is not valid. Although in a...
  2. Apple applies for patents in presence sensing technology

    It has been reported that Apple began working on presence sensing technology back in 2009. This technology will enable electronic devices to recognize users by detecting their heartbeat, faces, breath patters, and even skin tone. The latest patent application in this field is the third one from Apple, and it deals with sonar technology. Apple has been dabbling with sonar...
  3. How the Apple vs. Samsung ruling can be both good and bad for innovation

    The ruling of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, which states that Samsung has infringed on Apple’s patents, has been taken controversially.  A popular subject that analysts are looking at is innovation.  Many people think that the trial ruling will slow the innovation process.  A less popular opinion also exists, stating that the ruling will actually help and encourage innovation.  I have previously reported my own opinion that the ruling will hurt innovation.  However, more time has passed and I have researched both sides of the issue.  In this article, I hope to outline both sides of the story.  Be warned, however: nobody knows whether the ruling will truly hurt or help innovation.  It could certainly go either way and only time will tell. Continue reading →
  4. Apple sued for infringing patents from way back in 2002

    Over the last decade, Apple has done an incredible job in making its name synonymous to great mp3 players, smartphones, and tablets. The last couple of years have seen its sphere of influence extend beyond just making brilliant electronic products though - it has become a constant participant in patent infringement cases, and is fighting numerous patent lawsuits in the courts.       Continue reading →

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