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  1. Apple relaunches the ancient iPhone 4 in India to gain market share

    Apple has never been one to bend to some users' wishes to launch a low cost version of its iPhone, even at the risk of hemorrhaging customers to cheaper alternatives on Android such as Samsung. Clearly, the luxurious 'oomph' factor that the Apple brand exudes is too precious for them to give up in exchange for some extra sales. The much rumored 'cheap' iPhone 5C proved to be anything but cheap, and was an incredible anticlimax to all the prelaunch buzz about it being an iPhone anyone and everyone could afford. As a result of its policies, Apple has traditionally had middling sales in highly price sensitive markets, especially in emerging economies like India. As a result, they have found a compromise, and that's by relaunching the completely outdated iPhone 4 in India at a low price to compensate for the sales it's been losing by its pricing strategies. Read on below the break to know more.     Continue reading →
  2. Ban on certain iPads and iPhones from Samsung vetoed by President Obama

      Samsung and Apple have faced each other off in an unending saga of patents litigation cases that have spanned the world. While Apple managed to get the blockbuster $1 billion fine out of the Korean giants for the high profile design patent infringement case, the latter did manage to get a win against Apple by getting pretty much all of its older devices banned in the US. That’s not the case anymore though, so you've got to read on below the break to know more!               Continue reading →
  3. Apple applies trademark for leaf portion of logo, and design patent for iCloud icon

    In a seemingly ridiculous move, Apple has applied for trademark for the leaf portion of its iconic logo. The application was filed through the legal firm Edwards Wildman in the European Trademark Registry on 3rd December.   Apple has been universally panned for being a patent troll, using generic and vague patents to sue other companies and subsequently subdue competition...
  4. iPhone 4 and 4S prices to drop upon release of the iPhone 5

    On Wednesday, Apple will be announcing the iPhone 5, per an invitation that was sent out with a giant “5” shadow.  While the world awaits the announcement in great anticipation, perhaps one of my favorite parts of a new iPhone announcement is the lower price of the older iPhones!   Prices have already begun dropping!  Best Buy has slashed the...

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