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  1. Here’s why buying an Android tablet is still a bad idea

      With the launch of every notable new Android tablet, the popular narrative is to expound on the improving standards of slates made on the Google operating system, while playing down the qualities of the known quantity that is the iPad (or iPad Mini). It has been particularly noticeable of late since the launch of the new Google Nexus 7, where several commentators have called the new Nexus a better tablet than the iPad Mini in almost every way.   Well, here’s the problem – the app ecosystem of Android was and is still inferior to that of iOS. While the gap may seem to be getting narrower by the day, that’s only true in the case of the smartphone versions of Android, as tablet optimized content is still a rarity in the Google Play Store. A new study from Canalys reiterates the fact that Android still has a lot of catching up to do as a tablet platform compared to iOS. Read on below the break to know why!                 Continue reading →

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