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  1. Review: Coast by Opera – a great new browser for the iPad

    The iPad may have no dearth of browsers for it in the App Store, but how many of them are actually comfortable to use? Every single one of them have tiny buttons located on the far corner of their windows in order to do simple actions like going back to a previous page, closing a current tab and the likes. Very few have an easy way to close multiple tabs (if at all) at once. Wouldn’t it be better if a company really rethought the idea of a tablet browser from the ground up? Fortunately, that’s where the Coast by Opera browser comes in. Read on below to know more about it.         Continue reading →
  2. Toca Builders: Minecraft for Kids

    Apple's free app of this week is a kids' app called Toca Builders. It is a creative building app, aimed at kids between ages 6 and 8. The game resembles Minecraft a lot, which means that players can create 3D worlds using colorful cubes.     Upon starting a game, the player gets to choose from 6 different builders. Each...
  3. Infinity Blade III Review

    The Infinity Blade series has been one of the most important game franchises for the iOS platform, which evident from the fact that Apple has shown off the game to flaunt its new iPhones and iPads. The latest installment in the series is the Infinity Blade 3, which is not much different from the first two games.     Just...
  4. Apple's Oct 22 Event: What to expect

    The next Apple event is almost here, and as always there is a lot of speculating going on. Apple has hinted that it has "a lot to cover" in this event, which is pretty much what everybody thinks. There hasn't been any updates or additions to the iPad lineup in a year and pretty much most of the Mac stuff...
  5. Apples's new iPad to be released on october 22

    Is the wait finally over? Apparently yes, after weeks of speculations, rumours and news leaks, Apple may unveil the fifth-generation iPad and an iPad mini on Tuesday oct 22.  Dependable resources like AllThingsD, Customers Editorial and The Tool have confidently predicted the release date of the tablets for the Christmas line up. The next generation full-sized iPad 5 is expected to be sleeker, with thinner...
  6. Apple's iPhone 5s and 5c to hit more than 30 Global markets on Oct 25

    After a record sales of 9 million units of iPhone 5s and 5c in their debut weekend in the month of September earlier this year, Apple is all set to expand their market by offering the two new models in more than  30 countries on Oct. 25. The iPhones made their debut, in September, in the U.S., China, France, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Germany...
  7. Apple adds ‘Designed for iOS 7’ section to its App Store

    Apple has gone the full hog and radically changed the look of iOS in iOS 7, as we've talked about already in our overview and review articles about the new mobile operating system. Apple had been adamant in following skeumorphic design principles in iOS so far, with faux leather, wood and metal being the predominant visual flourishes in its UI. Most apps followed suit, and Apple iOS apps tended to have curved and shiny interfaces in general.   iOS 7 has changed all that dramatically, and in response, quite a few apps have adopted the new design guidelines for the OS already. Apple in turn has added a ‘Designed for iOS 7’ section in its App Store for users to easily discover the major apps that have received the redesign after the iOS launch. Read on below the break to know more about it.               Continue reading →
  8. Apple launches iOS 7 for iPhone & iPad with a major visual overhaul

    Apple released the latest version of its iOS mobile operating systems for devices such as the iPhone and iPad today, and it has brought along a plethora of new changes in the OS that had received no significant redesign since its launch back in 2007 with the first iPhone. Read on below the break to know more.       Continue reading →
  9. Microsoft announces promo buyback offer for iPads to boost Surface sales?

    Microsoft has just announced a new offer to exchange ‘gently used’ iPads for Microsoft Store credit of at least $200. The offered credit can be redeemed by either buying Microsoft products like Office, or even a new Surface RT or Surface Pro.           Continue reading →
  10. Parallels launches Access: A virtualization app/service to run Windows/Mac Apps run in the iPad

    Parallels Inc. (of Parallels Desktop fame) has launched a new app (and underlying service) called Access for the iPad. With the help of some supporting software in your computer, it makes it possible for you to get a full computer experience when using the applications you need. Read on below the break to know more about it.               Continue reading →

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