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  1. Ban on certain iPads and iPhones from Samsung vetoed by President Obama

      Samsung and Apple have faced each other off in an unending saga of patents litigation cases that have spanned the world. While Apple managed to get the blockbuster $1 billion fine out of the Korean giants for the high profile design patent infringement case, the latter did manage to get a win against Apple by getting pretty much all of its older devices banned in the US. That’s not the case anymore though, so you've got to read on below the break to know more!               Continue reading →
  2. Apple Online Store advertises iPad, iPad Mini for Valentine's Day

    Apple may have done an absolutely fantastic job in promoting its iPad and iPad Mini over the past year, judging by the sheer demand volumes involved in the sales of two Apple tablets. Apple probably still thinks that another push would do the sales prospects of the 2 iPads no harm, as they have started to promote the iPad and iPad Mini prominently in their online store ahead of Valentine's Day.         Continue reading →
  3. The iPad 2 may be on the verge of getting kicked out of Apple's lineup

    Since the launch of the new third generation iPad, the iPad 2 has represented a (marginally) cheaper option for tablet buyers wanting to enter the Apple ecosystem but getting put off by the latest and greatest iPad's $499 price tag. Spending five hundred bucks (or more) on a tablet isn't exactly an attractive proposition for a large number of buyers out there, especially in financially crunched times like this. The iPad 2 has offered most of what the third iPad has had to offer, with the added benefit of being more palatable in terms of just how much it makes its buyers' pockets lighter.     Continue reading →
  4. The Apple iPad Mini could see sales of up to 6 million units this holiday?

    The Apple iPad Mini rumors are gathering steam with every passing day, with the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reporting that it’s just a matter of time before Apple launches a smaller version of its popular iPad tablet. Now, an analyst has already come up with a prediction of just how well the iPad Mini will do. He estimates sales...
  5. iPad Mini rumored to be produced in Foxconn Brazil; in line for starting in fall

    Macotakara, a Japanese Apple news website, has quoted a “reliable” Chinese source claiming that the new iPad Mini is real. Moreover, while its CNC testing is said to have been completed in Foxconn’s famous Chinese unit, its actual production will take place in Foxconn’s Brazilian plant.   Foxconn Brazil is currently responsible for producing iPhones and selective models of the...
  6. The Apple iPad 2 is still selling well

    Apple products may be many things, but being economical isn’t one of them. Take the iPad for instance. It may have a virtual stranglehold on the tablet market, but that hasn’t stopped Amazon Inc. from sneaking in with its own budget Android tablet, the Kindle Fire. The sub $200 price barrier has been breached by Amazon, bringing in a lot...

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