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  1. The 2 best calendar apps for iOS

    Calendar apps are a dime a dozen in the App Store, but how many of them manage to find that key balance between form and function? Plenty of iOS calendar apps happen to either be bare bones and ugly, or pretty and unusable for the most part, but there certainly are some apps which get it all right. Read on to know more about two such apps that will certainly change your life for the better.           Continue reading →
  2. Nokia pulls its ‘Here Maps’ app from the iOS App Store

    The infamous Apple Maps fiasco had led to a large number of competitors trying to raid the App Store to get adopted by iOS users. Nokia, fresh from making arguably the best mapping solution on any platform in the form of its ‘Here’ app from its Lumia line of Windows Phones, tried its hand at usurping Apple’s own Maps app in iOS devices. Things didn’t go according to plan however, and Nokia has pulled the Here Maps app from the App Store. Read on to know more, including a statement from Nokia itself.       Continue reading →
  3. Apple releases iOS 7.0.2 in order to remove lock screen vulnerability

      Apple has just released a small but important update to its just released iOS 7 in order to patch a security flaw that allowed users to bypass a passcode protected iDevice by pulling up the Control Center in the Lock Screen. Read on below the break to know more.         Continue reading →
  4. Apple adds ‘Designed for iOS 7’ section to its App Store

    Apple has gone the full hog and radically changed the look of iOS in iOS 7, as we've talked about already in our overview and review articles about the new mobile operating system. Apple had been adamant in following skeumorphic design principles in iOS so far, with faux leather, wood and metal being the predominant visual flourishes in its UI. Most apps followed suit, and Apple iOS apps tended to have curved and shiny interfaces in general.   iOS 7 has changed all that dramatically, and in response, quite a few apps have adopted the new design guidelines for the OS already. Apple in turn has added a ‘Designed for iOS 7’ section in its App Store for users to easily discover the major apps that have received the redesign after the iOS launch. Read on below the break to know more about it.               Continue reading →
  5. Apple launches iOS 7 for iPhone & iPad with a major visual overhaul

    Apple released the latest version of its iOS mobile operating systems for devices such as the iPhone and iPad today, and it has brought along a plethora of new changes in the OS that had received no significant redesign since its launch back in 2007 with the first iPhone. Read on below the break to know more.       Continue reading →
  6. Apple’s new iPhone 5S: Here’s what you need to know

    The much awaited Apple event on September 12 brought two new iPhones to the world, as expected, along with a look at the final release form of iOS 7. We have been talking about only the software side of things from the launch in the couple of days since the event, so we are going to move on to the big one now – the iPhone 5S.  Read on below the break to know more about the Apple flagship smartphone.                 Continue reading →
  7. Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 4 for iPhone and iPad

    Apple has made a splash in the tech world (in both a good way and bad) with its upcoming iOS 7 operating system for its iPhones and iPads. Despite being highly conservative with the changes it made to iOS since its launch with the iPhone all those years ago (2007, actually), Apple took a complete u-turn and gave its mobile OS a complete makeover. Although it won’t actually be out for the public till October, Apple has been releasing periodic beta versions of the new iOS almost every month. The latest out of the blocks is Beta 4. Read on to know more about it below the break.                 Continue reading →
  8. iOS 7 unveiled by Apple, available for download in fall

    Apple has unveiled the latest version of its mobile OS, calling it the iOS 7, at the WWDC in San Francisco. As the rumors had indicated, iOS has received a heavy design overhaul. This is the first ever change made to the user interface of the OS that was released with the first iPhone 6 years ago.     The...
  9. iOS 7 to see major change in design?

    John Gruber from the Daring Fireball has managed to uncover a couple of details about the upcoming iOS 7 – the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system that has been shrouded in complete secrecy. The first is about what it could look like, and the second is that its development has been running well behind schedule.     Continue reading →

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