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  1. Samsung announces Galaxy S4 mini for US

    The Galaxy S4 spinoff, name Galaxy S4 mini, is finally coming to US next month. The announcement has come direcly from Samsung, although there have been plenty of leaks and rumors to suggest the impending US launch. After the handset was launched in Canada a couple of weeks ago, pictures of Galaxy S4 mini were leaked by evleaks. The leaked...
  2. Samsung to launch new Galaxy S4 with advanced 4G internet

    Samsung is planning to launch yet another variation of its Galaxy S4 smartphone this month. The co-chief executive of Samsung, JK Shin, has told the press that this model will be released for the Korean public and will have advanced 4G internet feature. Advanced 4G internet means that the phone will be able to transmit data twice as fast as...
  3. Official: Samsung Announces Galaxy S 4 Zoom

    There has been plenty of talk about the major event that Samsung has scheduled on the 20th of June over the last few weeks, as it is (or rather, was) expected to be the launching ground of a whole new generation of tablets and smartphones cutting across various price points and feature ranges. But with the online rumor mill leaving little scope for any surprise in that event due to scores of leaks about all the devices that were to be announced in the June 20 event, Samsung has taken things into its own hands and has started making official announcements about its devices already. The latest one out of the blocks is the phone that is a hybrid of a digital camera and the flagship Galaxy S 4 smartphone, and true to its roots, it has been christened the Galaxy S 4 Zoom. Read on to know more about it!           Continue reading →
  4. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom photos leaked

    There have been a lot of rumors flying around about the existence of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom lately, but the recently leaked official photos of the device has finally confirmed that the device is very much real. The Galaxy S4 Zoom is an unusual looking phone, to say the least. It looks like a normal Samsung Android phone, with a...
  5. Samsung SM-C101 mystery smartphone hits FCC

    Samsung has recently sought the approval of FCC for a mystery device, simply known by its model number SM-C101. As suggested by various online news sources, this device could be the next Galaxy S4 companion device, joining its counterpart Galaxy S4 Active. This is most likely to be named Galaxy S4 Zoom, which also suggests that the camera of this...
  6. Samsung unveils Galaxy S 4 Mini smartphone

    Samsung has just officially announced its latest smartphone – the Galaxy S 4 Mini, after a long spell of speculation where little by little, relevant details about it kept pouring out to the public (to the point where little seemed to not be known about the phone). Regardless, the Korean giant is clearly trying to leverage to brand recognition and goodwill built up through its flagship Samsung Galaxy S series by expanding it to alternatives such as the new S 4 Mini. Read on to know more about it!       Continue reading →
  7. Photos of Galaxy S4 Mini Accidentally Posted on Samsung Website

    There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, aimed at people who feel the Galaxy S4 is just too big. So far, there has been no official confirmation from Samsung to prove that the device even exists. All we had up until this point were some leaked images and rumors, but the appearance...
  8. Apple’s latest allegations: Galaxy S 4 and Google Now infringe on Siri related patents

    Apple and Samsung’s legal wranglings have been protracted at every stage, to put it mildly. Their latest run in has involved Apple putting the flagship Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, in its legal crosshairs in recent weeks. After notifying the California court where the patent litigation proceedings are underway about its intentions to amend its allegations against Samsung, the Cupertino company is back this week with claims that make not just the Samsung Galaxy S 4 the infringing party, but Google’s very own Now assisted search app as well. Read on to find out more about this scoop sourced from Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents.             Continue reading →

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