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  1. Blackberry Messenger for Android coming to Samsung Apps app store in Africa

    Blackberry has been in a beleaguered condition for quite some time now, given that their core business of selling business ready smartphones has been completely overtaken by Apple’s iPhones and the various Android phones brought out by the likes of HTC, Sony, Samsung, among others.   There had been murmurings about Blackberry either adopting Android as its OS, or bring its apps (such as the humongously popular Blackberry Messenger, or BBM) to other platforms such as Android and iOS. Blackberry went on to confirm this rumor to be true, but little has been heard from them in this regard since then. The most we knew about its launch was that it was planning to roll out a private beta for the cross platform BBM, but little else.   Now, however, there’s been an official announcement from Samsung, in which it claims that Blackberry Messenger’s Android app would get a release in Africa, and will be available in the Samsung Apps app store as an exclusive for a while, before the app gets a public launch.           Continue reading →
  2. Cross-platform Blackberry Messenger (BBM) coming to iOS and Android soon on unspecified date

    Blackberry had announced a few weeks ago that it would be launching its well known Blackberry Messenger app to the two most popular mobile OS’s – Android and iOS. T-Mobile leaked the exact launch date to be at the end of this month – June 27 to be exact. Blackberry has gone ahead and denied that, however, leaving the launch date up in the air again. Read on to know more!                 Continue reading →

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