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  1. Ban on certain iPads and iPhones from Samsung vetoed by President Obama

      Samsung and Apple have faced each other off in an unending saga of patents litigation cases that have spanned the world. While Apple managed to get the blockbuster $1 billion fine out of the Korean giants for the high profile design patent infringement case, the latter did manage to get a win against Apple by getting pretty much all of its older devices banned in the US. That’s not the case anymore though, so you've got to read on below the break to know more!               Continue reading →
  2. Apple’s iPhone 5 sold twice as fast at launch as Samsung Galaxy S 4?

      Samsung hasn’t exactly been getting rave reviews from industry analysts for quite some time now, and despite recent reports indicating that its Galaxy S 4 flagship smartphone has crossed the 20 million mark in terms of units sold / shipped, the pessimism seems to be showing no sign of abating just yet. An analyst has now claimed that according to his estimates, the Galaxy S 4’s bête noire Apple iPhone 5 sold twice as fast as the Android phone from the Korean giant. Read on to know more!         Continue reading →
  3. Court forbids Apple from adding Samsung Galaxy S 4 from patent lawsuit

    Patent lawsuits are passé when it comes to Apple and Samsung by now, with the two companies seemingly being involved in some form of legal action against the other at any given point of time. The very latest ongoing feud between the two giants of the tech world was about the technology involved in making the most recent smartphones, i.e. the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III. The U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal has shot down Apple’s attempt to add the Galaxy S 4 to the newer devices under investigation for patent infringements, however, as the judge opined that adding yet another device to the ongoing case would simply be a waste of court time and resources.           Continue reading →
  4. Samsung’s proposed price hikes for chips could affect Apple margins significantly?

    The long running battle between Apple and Samsung over their quests for dominance in the smartphone and tablet market, along with their messy legal battles, had a lot of industry watchers pondering where these two companies would go next. The irony of their antagonism to each other is the fact that Samsung makes components that comprise of up to 26% of Apple’s iPhones and iPads. They have proved to be the strangest bedfellows in the tech world in quite some time, and it seemed to only be a matter of time before their relations would get frayed with their constant legal wrangling in courts globally. There have been reports that Samsung plans to raise the prices of their chipsets over the last couple of days, and now analysts have started speculating about just how much of an effect such a below the belt response from the Korean electronics giant would have on the Cupertino company. The answer, according to Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, is a lot.     Continue reading →
  5. Samsung blames Apple of reducing consumer options

    As a result of Apple’s relentless fight against Samsung’s alleged patent infringements, Samsung has called out on Apple, saying that Apple is using law to limit consumer choice.  In a statement, Samsung said the following:   “Apple continues to resort to litigation over market competition in an effort to limit consumer choice.  We will continue to take the necessary legal measures to ensure the availability of our innovative products in the United States.”   Apple responded with this statement:   “Rather than innovate and develop its own technology and a unique Samsung style for its smartphone and tablet computer products, Samsung has chosen to copy Apple’s technology, user interface, and innovative style.”   Both sides of the argument hold valid points, therefore offering no clear right or wrong.  However, I must disagree with Samsung’s statement claiming that Apple is “in an effort to limit consumer choice”.  I previously posted reasons that the Apple vs. Samsung case ruling could be both good and bad for innovation.  In the listed reasons, I mentioned that the ruling could force Samsung to think of completely new ideas.  In a way, this could actually give consumers more options.  At the present moment, it seems that the ruling is hurting innovation and Apple is trying to reduce the options on the market.  However, in reality, there are ideas that nobody has thought of yet.  The case ruling could force these ideas to be thought of and developed, thus adding completely new options to the market instead of mere variations of standard options. Continue reading →
  6. How the Apple vs. Samsung ruling can be both good and bad for innovation

    The ruling of the Apple vs. Samsung trial, which states that Samsung has infringed on Apple’s patents, has been taken controversially.  A popular subject that analysts are looking at is innovation.  Many people think that the trial ruling will slow the innovation process.  A less popular opinion also exists, stating that the ruling will actually help and encourage innovation.  I have previously reported my own opinion that the ruling will hurt innovation.  However, more time has passed and I have researched both sides of the issue.  In this article, I hope to outline both sides of the story.  Be warned, however: nobody knows whether the ruling will truly hurt or help innovation.  It could certainly go either way and only time will tell. Continue reading →
  7. Apple can't get any injunction on Samsung devices before December

    Apple's massive victory over Samsung in their incredibly high profile patent battle may have just received a sudden dampener. For all the money ($1.05 billion, to be precise) that the Cupertino company will be raking in with their win in the courts, they will be missing out on what would be the icing on the cake for them - a comprehensive ban on several of Sammy's best selling products.     Continue reading →
  8. Time for an internal memo from Samsung now: promises to do 'utmost' to fight back against Apple

    Barely a day after Apple had an internal memo praising the victory of its 'values' over Samsung in the high profile legal spat between the two companies, Sammy has just released an internal memo for its own employees. The gist is simple: the Korean company is disappointed by the decision of the US District court, as it 'starkly contrasts' the decisions made by courts in countries like "the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and Korea,"and that they would do their best to soldier on till the judge's final ruling is declared.     Continue reading →
  9. Apple CEO Tim Cook extols 'values' of Apple in leaked internal mail

    It's hardly been a while since Apple managed to land Samsung Electronics a crushing defeat in the high profile patent infringement case. Samsung may claim that the battle is hardly over, thanks to its plans of appealing against the crippling $1.05 billion damages it needs to cough up to compensate Apple, but it has been a huge loss of face for the Korean company.         Continue reading →
  10. Jury rules against Samsung in Apple case, orders it to pay over $1B in damages!

    The Apple v Samsung saga had seemed interminable for the best part of the recent past, to say the least. Now, barely 3 days after both Apple and Samsung put in their closing statements for the case, the jury has ruled against Samsung. The Korean company has a big problem in its hands - the jury has found it guilty of patent infringement in practically all its devices, and it will have to cough up a whopping $1.049 billion dollars in damages.   Continue reading →

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