Surface Neo with 18" of Foldable Screen!From apparently out of nowhere Microsoft this week announced some really cool and unexpectedly new smartphone hardware: the Surface Neo and Surface Duo.

Nobody was expecting Microsoft to drop these new phones, and they represent a big shift if smartphone tech for the company which has until now mostly played it safe.

“This is industry-pushing technology, and it’s technology pushing possibilities,” said Panay while revealing the gadgets.

The Surface Neo features a pair of 9-inch screens and a 360-degree hinge that allows you to fold it around completely or close it like a book. It’s sleek, silver, and looks like a shrunken Surface Book when closed. The hinge lets the Neo assume multiple positions, similar to other 360-degree laptops....

...The Surface Duo and Neo are both slated for release next year as Microsoft works with developers to create software for the devices. It’s too early to tell whether Microsoft’s adoption of Android for the upcoming Duo will end better than the company’s previous attempt with Windows Phone, but the adoption of Android could make the device more appealing to developers already familiar with the platform.


Fortunately for us, Yahoo! has the scoop on the new devices in this fabulous article.