Your Smartphone Vs PandemicExperts have said and now they have proven that when it comes to halting the spread of pandemic nothing works quite as well as social distancing.

But that's not the only weapon in the medical professionals toolkit to help them keep the public safe. In fact, they are already looking to adding a wealth of digital data in the form of smartphone reporting to help further effort to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The Washington Post has an excellent story tracing the current and future use of technology in fighting the spread of coronavirus and any future pandemics:

But health experts say such new tactics, while testing traditional privacy boundaries in the United States and elsewhere, could play a central role in the battle against the coronavirus as nations try to reopen their economies. Key will be expanded disease surveillance with the help of emerging technologies to identify new infections before they create major hot spots.

Experts say that old-fashioned public health approaches, such as widespread testing and manually tracing the contacts of people with newly discovered infections, probably will remain the most effective way to control the pandemic. But with few signs that the United States is assembling the army of health workers needed to track coronavirus infections, technology may be called on to fill the gaps.

Already technological tools are helping authorities fine-tune their public directives, and data derived from individual smartphones may soon play an important role in mapping webs of potential new infections and alerting people at particularly high risk of developing covid-19 that they need to be tested immediately.

They detail all current efforts and uses of smartphone technology to counter the spread of coronavirus in their complete story right here.

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