Smart Tech Drying Tips!Congratulations! You are now carrying the new smartphone, fitness tracker, Apple Watch or whatever-fancy-new-device-you-got-for-Christmas with you every where you go.

But do you know what to do when you finally get it wet? You know it's going to happen. It's practically unavoidable. We've all been there. We've forgotten to take off our Apple Watch in the rain, jumped into a pool with our fitness tracker still attached to our wrist, and dropped our smartphone into more mud puddles than we care to remember.

Fortunately, there are immediate steps you can take to keep these accidents from becoming instant tragedies:

If your non-waterproof phone, watch or tracker has accidentally got wet, DO NOT TRY TO USE IT. Take it out the water and turn it off.

If it's a phone remove the SIM and any other accessible parts, then rub it dry on a towel or sleeve. Give it a gentle shake, too, to remove any water from its ports.

Then follow our advice to fix a water-damaged phone, smartwatch or activity tracker.

You can read all the tips and tricks for drying out your smart device in this great article from Tech Advisor. But once you do, don't think it's suddenly a good idea to immerse your device in water or stop being cautious with it!