As the patent battle drones on between Apple and Samsung, another round has been won by Apple after a Tokyo court decided that Samsung had infringed upon Apple’s bounce back patent. This comes as a blow to Samsung because earlier this year the United States Patent and Trademark office had ruled that this particular patent is not valid. Although in a later ruling the same agency decided that certain aspects of this feature can be patented. The ruling will affect the sale of older Samsung phones


The bounce back feature a much touted Apple feature which enabled pages to bounce back when the user scrolls to the end. Apple claimed that Samsung had copied this feature on their smartphones. Although Samsung subsequently replaced the bounce back feature with a blue line to denote the end of page, there are older Samsung devices still in circulation that have the disputed feature.


Last year, the Tokyo District court’s ruling went against Apple when it decided that Samsung does not infringe on Apple’s music and video synchronization technology. Another court decision that went against Apple was when Apple was found by a South Korean court to have infringed upon two wireless patents that belonged to Samsung. The same court however decided that Samsung did infringe upon the bounce back patent.


This patent war between the top to smartphone manufacturers has been going on for over two years now. Apple has largely dominated the litigation so far, its biggest victory being the US court verdict last year which awarded Apple over $1 billion dollars in damages.