Samsung’s flagsip Galaxy S 4 Android smartphone may not have been as much of an improvement over the Galaxy S 3 that preceded it, but there wasn’t ever any doubt about it doing well. However, doing ‘well’ would be an understatement, given that Samsung’s co-CEO, J K Shin, has claimed that there will have been 10 million units of the Galaxy S 4 sold by next week.




Samsung has used a considerable amount of its substantial monetary clout to market its latest flagship Android smartphone to all and sundry. Samsung has become synonymous with the Android, as the success of both has been rather intertwined in the last few years (especially following the launch of the first of Galaxy S series of smartphones).


The co-CEO of Samsung Electronics, Shin Jong-kyun, told reporters at an industry meet in Seoul, Korea, day before yesterday about Samsung’s confidence in its expectations of exceeding sales of 10 million units of the S4 by next week. Mr. Shin went on to claim that the S 4 has been selling much faster than the previous model, the Galaxy S 3.


With the S 4 being on sale in most countries globally for about 3 weeks now, getting past the 10 million sales figure in barely a month would represent a significant step forward for Samsung in its constant battle to one up the Apple iPhone. From the looks of it, Samsung has firmly entrenched itself as the second most popular brand after Apple in terms of sales and profit margins, and as it launches phones with innovations such as flexible displays down the line, there seems to be a highly promising trend of success for Samsung to push it well into the future.