Samsung Embraces 21st Century with 'Selfie Type'You need to send an email on your phone. it's going to be lengthy. You grab your Galaxy, set it vertically on the nearby table, and pout your hands out as if you're sitting at a type writer.

Then you pretend to type on your imaginary keyboard while the actual letters and words and sentences appear in an email on your phone.

It's amazing, but it isn't magic. Samsung says it will use the selfie camera to actually capture where your hands and fingers are, and acclimatize to where you feel the different letters are, and then let you type by just pretending to type.

According to users at CES 2020 the technology is fully realized and actually works really well. TomsGuide has a great story on it with lots of details:

Selfie Type doesn’t require any peripheral and doesn’t project anything. Instead, it uses the Galaxy’s camera to simply track your hands as you memory type. According to the information posted by a user in Samsung’s community site, “Selfie Type is a technology that utilizes the front camera and AI to analyze finger position and type without physical buttons.”

According to the source, who claims that Samsung will introduce it at CES 2020 this week, only English is currently supported. It seems pretty simple: just put your phone or tablet on a vertical position — or, if you have a Galaxy Fold, set it up in L-mode — and start typing with your fingers pretending you are hitting actual keys. Selfie Type appears to support gestures too, like pinching the air to send a message.

You can read more about exactly how 'Selfie Type' will work in this article by TomsGuide right here.

Check out this video and let us know what you think--are you excited or frightened?