Despite Sagging Sales New iPhone X Model is ComingYou might say the news recently has been something less than good for Apple. At least where iPhopne sales are concerned.

First, sales of iPhone XR not only failed to materialize at levels the company (and its investors) had grown accustomed to, but then those lackluster sales forced the company to re-evaluate the entire "release a new model phone every year" because the price point has just risen too high. Then, due to the ongoing u.S./China trade battles, Tim Cook has all but promised that Apple sales in that burgeoning market will plummet sooner rather than later.

However, despite on this Apple is now prepping a new iPhone - tentatively titled the iPhone XI.


Yes, Apple is working on a successor to the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max (tentatively referred to as the ‘iPhone XI’) which uses a triple rear camera. Moreover, it is a camera setup unlike any other.

Tying in with an earlier leak from Bloomberg, Hemmerstoffer’s partner site says Apple is working to incorporate long distance Time of Flight (ToF) technology. Already showcased by ToF module creator Sony, it will enable next-generation iPhones to create detailed 3D maps of anything within five metres. The repercussions for security, gaming and augmented reality applications could be game-changing.


you can read more about the forthcoming release, including what stage of development they are at currently, in this article at