Riptide was among the more popular (and somewhat ostentatious) games released in 2011, but it got some deserved kudos from critics as well as the buying public for its brilliant console quality graphics.  In the Android 4.3 event from last fortnight, the sequel to Riptide, called Riptide GP2, was one of the two new games given some extra attention (with the other being Prince of Persia : The Shadow and the Flame).







One of the first things you’ll notice about Riptide GP2 is that its gameplay is almost identical to that of its predecessor. You control the same jet ski across some treacherous twists and turns like the first time, with the level of difficulty and the AI improving with each progressing race and level. In case you’re under the impression that the AI would be crippled to make things artificially easy for you, you’ll be in for a surprise or two! Each and every race takes an effort to complete and win, if at all.


Riptide GP2 does add in a great deal of visual flair to the already stunning game that was Riptide itself. Each race takes place in a different ‘track’, and the kind of effort put into the game’s environment and detailing impressed him a great deal.


Riptide GP2 is available on Google Play for $2.99 here, and is an absolute must-have if you either like racing games, enjoy well designed ones, or just want to see the kind of console-level quality that games in Google Play tend to have nowadays!