What is "Project Sandcastle"?Long, long ago it was believed that one day the best smartphone hardware would merge with the best smartphone software to create the Alpha Smartphone from which all future designs would be derived. Unfortunately, Apple created their own and Android created their own and never the two shall meet.

Until "Project Sandcastle" that is.

Ars Technica has an in-depth article on the top secret project that until now has been held closely under wraps. Essentially the effort is to do what has only bee dreamed of before:

Android can run on just about everything—phones, watches, TVs, cars, microwaves, the Nintendo Switch—but one thing it really hasn't been able to run on in a while is the iPhone. A third-party effort called Project Sandcastle is setting out to change that and build Android for the iPhone. The group already has beta builds out for the iPhone 7 and 7+.

You might recall, many years ago, that a Linux and Android on iPhone port was in the works for the original iPhone. This project is being brought to you by David Wang and Chris Wade, the same people who did that original port.

You can read the entire Ars Technica article about the project, including how to possibly get your hands on a version of it, right here.