Your Phone Is Only As Good As Your Network SignalYou might have shelled out hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars for the latest and greatest piece of smartphone hardware you could get your hands on.

Now, if you could just find a decent signal you'd call your friends and let them know about your new phone.

Poor smartphone signal got you down? Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can try if your smartphone is having trouble connecting to your network. Dropped calls, poor call quality or just "No Signal" messages are enough to make anyone scream from the rooftops (where you likely went to get a better signal.)

This article from Digital Trends has some great suggestions for getting connected and staying connected:

We’ve all done the signal bar dance, trying to find that elusive sweet spot where the bars pop up. It’s common to have dead spots in homes or offices. They can be caused by interference or building materials blocking the signal. The simplest thing to do is try moving somewhere else to make a call. Go upstairs, go outside, go to the window, find a spot where the reception is good and remember it for future calls. While this may work, it’s not ideal if your desk or living room happens to be in a dead spot, so you may want to try something else.

In this Digital Trends article they offer some very specific tips and tricks for getting through when the technology just will not co-operate with you.