If there’s one thing about iOS 6 that was unanimously criticized, it was the lack of any major modifications to the general user interface. iOS has looked the same since its inception, whereas the competing Android OS has changed its look by leaps and bounds over the years. A fresh look for Apple’s mobile operating system will certainly bring respite to loyal Apple customers, and will help break the monotony.



As the date of release of iOS 7 draws nearer, rumors have started circulating that Apple’s design head Jony Ive is completely revamping the iOS look. Rumors indicate that the new design will do away with most of the skeuomorphic design elements that have been an integral part of iOS since it came into being. The new design will be flatter, and will not have the heavy textures that are found currently in iOS. Instead, it will be black and white and will be a lot cleaner and simpler.


Skeuomorphism has been Apple’s signature design approach primarily because of Steve Jobs and Scott Forstall. Sources have confirmed that Jony Ive is no fan of skeuomorphism and he feels that such software design does not stand the test of time. Now since Forstall is no longer associated with Apple, it can be safely assumed that Ive, who is now the design head of iOS, will do away with all skeuomorphic aspects. All Apple software will follow the same general design pattern, which is another thing that is currently lacking in iOS.