Local Covid-19 Infection Rate? There's An App For That!Let's face it, as we all have been cuddled up in our homes, social distancing ourselves for the betterment of all humankind, world governments have been adjusting to the reality of untamed virus' running amok across the globe.

In the face of this new reality, some companies are now adjusting by offering new services which might be useful in this new world.

Forbes has done an excellent job explaining the various new "virus tracking" apps.


With anonymized and aggregated phone tracking now helping governments fight coronavirus, the next wave of technology will be digital contact tracing. These opt-in applications combine Bluetooth’s Relative Signal Strength Indicator, a duration timer and a masked identifier to timeline those coming into potential contact with new COVID-19 patients. Unfortunately, the apps also require a huge percentage of a country’s population to voluntarily install them to be effective.

Such is the likelihood that such apps will become part of our post-lockdown new normal, that the current debate is whether we should allow such systems to be developed and deployed country by country or agree a cross-border solution. This is currently coming to a head in Europe, where the EU’s privacy watchdog has now called for a pan-European app rather than a mix and match approach.

Forbes does a good job of explaining how these apps work now and how we might come to rely on them more and more in the future.

It's definitely food for thought. Check out the entire Forbes article right here.