Everything You Need To Know About The iPhone 9The coronavirus Covid-19 is having an impact at factories across China, so anything related to hardware being built in China may be affected unexpectedly, but CNET is reporting that Apple still plans to release the iPhone 9 at the end of March.

They wrote:

Apple is expected to launch a budget-friendly phone at the end of March, which could be the first of at least five iPhones anticipated to launch in 2020. This device is widely speculated to be a lower-cost phone called the iPhone 9 (or possibly the iPhone SE 2), which would be a long overdue update to 2016's iPhone SE. If the rumors are true, this would signal Apple's renewed commitment to low-cost phones as global smartphone sales continue to decline.

You can read the rest of that CNET article right here.

We will be watching to see what happens and keep you posted as new details become available.