Will iPhone 12 Be A Game Changer?It seems like only yesterday we were all amazed at the sheer size of the iPhone 6 Plus--bigger, faster, stronger than any previous model.

But that was years ago and we're into double digits these days. Behold the wonder that will be the iPhone 12, or at least the latest rumors to swirl around the forthcoming release. Specifically, rumors are swirling about he OLED displays that will be used on the iPhone 12, and who will supply them.

It’s also going to help Apple to have two competing suppliers for one of the most expensive components on the iPhone. With Samsung now facing competition from LG, the pressure is on for the former to stay competitive to keep the business and the latter to go aggressive to get more of the orders. Assuming the quality remains to the same standard, Apple is the clear winner.

How the LG displays compare to the Samsung displays will no doubt become a talking point when the iPhone 12 handsets are launched and released later this year.

This is only somewhat interesting for the average user however. After all, most people don't care where the parts are made, they only care how well they work.

You can read the entire article in Forbes about the forthcoming iPhone 12 right here.