Google made quite the splash by launching 'Nexus' versions of two of the most prominent Android smartphones of today - the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Both of them have been up for pre order from the Google Play Store for some time now, and the Google variant of the Samsung phone is the first out of the blocks, as it has finally started shipping to users who had pre ordered it in the last few days. Read on to know more!





The only way this new variant of the phone is different from the standard global version of the Galaxy S 4 is its software, as it has stock Android, and no custom build of it like the latter. While this may seem to be an insignificant difference in the grand scheme of things, it's only in general usage that the true benefits of stock Android truly stand out. If that weren't enough, there's no need to depend on an OEM for firmware updates either (though Samsung isn't quite as unreliable as the likes of Sony and HTC), as stock Android should mean that the Google Play edition will get prompt OS updates.
There is little to dislike about the Galaxy S 4, in all honesty. It has great hardware, being the market leader in almost every possible specification, and is relatively ergonomic despite its gargantuan 5 inch screen size. The only major quibble against it seemed to be its traditionally awful TouchWiz skin on top of Android.

With the Google Play edition of the Samsung Galaxy S 4, one of its biggest cons is thrown out of the window and is replaced by stock Android, which means that there are minimal lags, along with a fairly consistent UX and a UI that's easy on the eyes (basically, the antithesis of TouchWiz). If you have ever considered getting a Nexus smartphone but haven't been convinced by the specs on offer, your wait ends here. Get this new edition of the S 4 ASAP!