Mozilla has announced the release of its latest beta version of Firefox Mobile for the Android and Maemo platforms.

The earlier versions of the browser did come with issues related to responsiveness which seems to have been resolved in this latest version - at least in the case of the Android platform. That said, the browser still has a 30MB memory footprint whilst installation - which could be problematic for users of devices like the Nexus One which have less internal memory for application installation.

As for the Maemo platform, Firefox has been around for the N900 since 2009 and this new beta version would be a welcome upgrade to the older version.

The new version for Android packs in a bunch of new features as well including Firefox Sync using which you can sync bookmarks, form auto fill data and browser preferences between desktop and mobile.

It also support spinch to zoom gestures on multitouch-capable devices. Then there is the Awesome Screen, which instantly gives you access to your recent history, bookmarks and tabs just by tapping in the Awesome Bar.

Head here for download and here for release notes.