If you happen to be a potential iPhone 4 user out side the US and are planning to get one squarely because you wanted to badly use that cool FaceTime video chat feature, you might want to read further before you invest your hard earned dough in buying the latest iteration of the iPhone.

Apparently, the new iPhone 4's FaceTime feature isn't everyones favorite and some carriers and (even Governments) have banned the application. If you legally get an iPhone from a country where it has been banned, your lovely FaceTime video chat dreams hereby lies in tatters.

Anyway, Apple has put up a support document that would help potential iPhone 4 users avoid a pitfall and buy the phone only to realize their favorite feature missing. (Yeah, we know how that feels!)

So, if you live in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates – for example, sorry guys, no FaceTime for you.

In the document, Apple has coolly put the blame for the disabling of the feature on the local "carriers" when it says “FaceTime is not available on this carrier”.
Interesting, huh?