Blackberry had announced a few weeks ago that it would be launching its well known Blackberry Messenger app to the two most popular mobile OS’s – Android and iOS. T-Mobile leaked the exact launch date to be at the end of this month – June 27 to be exact. Blackberry has gone ahead and denied that, however, leaving the launch date up in the air again. Read on to know more!









T-Mobile UK’s Twitter feed became a beehive of activity, when they tweeted, "BlackBerry Messenger will be available to download on iOS and Android from June 27th! :)", and went to upload an image of the cross platform BBM on a Samsung Galaxy S 4.

Blackberry issued a statement denying the existence of any fixed date for the launch of BBM, and disavowed any sort of legitimacy for the T-Mobile tweet. They claimed that their “ground breaking mobile social network” would be available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store some time this summer, but the date was yet to be finalized. They went on to emphatically brush aside all the rumors of the June 27 launch date, labelling them as being ‘inaccurate’.

Clearly, the launch of Blackberry Messenger isn’t exactly eons away, but Blackberry has remained steadfast in being noncommittal when it has come to any launch details. It’s hard to predict what effect this will have on Blackberry’s own user base, but any Android or iOS users who ever envied Blackberrys for this one feature will soon be appeased from the looks of it.