The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a rather brilliant 13 MP camera, and it is good enough to turn even the most uptight of its users into amateur photography enthusiasts in no time. However, the convenience brought about by mobile photography is often offset by the tiny and often ineffective image sensors found in even the best of mobile cameras, such as in the S4. What you need then is a great post-processing app to make your photos look almost pro-level quality. Read on to know some of the best options below the break.













Instagram is now synonymous with post processed images, with its popular (but limited) range of filters being just the icing on the cake that is the vibrant social network that Instagram really is. Pro-tip: Instagram square-crops all images at the very get go, so you could try out SquareIt in order not to lose any of your photo.





Snapseed was one of the premier iOS apps available in the App Store, until Google bought its developer Nik Software, and had a free Android version launched. Snapseed is, simply put, one of the most powerful and intuitive apps in this list. There are quick tips and tutorials at every step of using the app, making the learning curve for it a lot less steep. Pro-tip: Do try the Drama filters, they’re probably the best filters you’ll get in any Android app. One thing that isn’t quite as impressive though is that it resizes all large images to a resolution of 2000x1500 pixels. Given that the S4 has a 13MP camera, that’s a lot of compressed pixels!



Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear is probably the newest app in this list, and it sets itself apart by not delving into filters at all. It instead focuses on image correction, and is especially great at improving portrait photos.

Pro-tip: try out Perfectly Clear’s Camera mode to click your photos to get some great HDR photos, rather than faking the look with filters.



Aviary is the final app in this list, and it is probably the jack-of-all-trades in here. It offers enhancements like faux-HDR, Color Fix, and Illuminate. It’s also got a few filters, though most of them tend to be in-app purchases. There’s a meme generator, lots of controls for warmth and saturation, stickers, and the like to get just the right kind of photo.


Pro-tip: Try the color splash mode in Aviary – its smart brush can rival even the best image manipulation apps for computers.