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  1. Apple iPhone 11 Wins For Best Camera!

    Apple iPhone 11 Wins For Best Camera!Way back when smartphones first came out, Apple iPhones dominated in the digital camera department. You could say that Apple made smartphones the defacto camera for everyone by forcing their competitors to drastically improve their own digital cameras. In fact, companies were so eager to dethrone iPhone as the best digital camera on the market - that they did just that. Google Pixel has had the best digital camera since it was released years ago. But all that changed this week when Business Insider proclaimed that the Apple iPhone 11 has the best smartphone camera on the market:

    Ultimately, however, it's pretty clear that Apple's iPhone 11 Pro is the overall winner for the best smartphone camera of 2019 and most of 2020 until new phones are announced.

    Apple's win is largely due to its fantastic regular and zoomed cameras, including the option of an ultra-wide lens. The iPhone 11 Pro is simply a more versatile camera than the Pixel 4, which only includes a regular camera lens and a zoomed lens. And unfortunately, Google's software magic for digital zooming doesn't make up for the missing ultra-wide camera on the Pixel 4.

    The Business Insider article just a thorough breakdown of several different types of photographs, with side-by-side comparisons between the Google Pixel and the iPhone 11.

    You can read that entire Business Insider article here.

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  2. IPhone 11 - What iPhone 11?

    IPhone 11 - What iPhone 11?Just a week after Apple unveiled the most sought-after (By die-hard Apple Fans, at least) iPhone 11. The latest iteration of its iconic iPhone devices.

    The newest iPhone will ship later this month and come with levitating jets to lift users up in the sky when they are lost...or something. Essentially, the iPhone 11 appears to be little more than just a slightly improved iPhone X.

    The real news breaking this week (if the gossip mill is any judge) concern the latest Google Pixel (coming in October) and the latest Huawei Mate series smartphone coming just a day before Apple is scheduled to start shipping the iPhone 11.


    Here's what ArsTechnica had to say about the Pixel:

    Key features of the Pixel 4 include a 90Hz OLED display (just like the OnePlus 7 Pro), two rear cameras and a time-of-flight sensor (the first multi-rear camera setup for a Pixel phone), and a thick top bezel packed with sensors for things like face recognition (apparently the only supported form of biometrics) and air gestures. Air gestures—which requires you to wave your hand above the phone screen to control it—have been tried on phones before, usually with poor results. For the Pixel 4 though, Google is using a "Soli" radar sensor that it developed in house, which will hopefully make the feature more useful.


    Here's what BGR has to say about the latest Mate 30 phone:

    The Mate 20 Pro delivered a bunch of features that were not available on other Android devices last fall, including a 7nm chip that would only arrive on other Android handsets this year. The Mate 30 Pro will do something similar this year, packing a brand new Kirin 990 chip built on 7nm EUV tech just like the A13 Bionic that powers all three iPhone 11 phones. But the 990 comes in 4G and 5G versions, something that Apple can’t offer...But even so, the Mate 30 Pro will be more interesting, having a few advantages over Samsung’s best phone, including a more daring curved display design, 3D face recognition support, and an improved quad-lens rear camera.


    we're curious: Which smartphone are you most excited about? Tell us in the Comments below.

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  3. Wow! Apple Watch (Literally) Saves Lives

    Wow! Apple Watch (Literally) Saves LivesWe saw a story recently which finally answers the question "How useful is the Apple Watch?"

    Apple Watch continues to save lives by placing life-changing technology in ordinary places. Kacie Anderson, who shared her story with Shape.com, is the latest example of someone with an incredible experience with Apple Watch. Anderson says her watch helped save her and her nine-month-old son’s life when they were hit by a drunk driver.

    This is hardly the first time the Apple Watch has been credited with saving a life, but it certainly is one of the most dramatic instances. Apple likely didn't design the Apple watch to save lives (Or maybe it did) but regardless, the variety of features on the Apple Watch provide plenty of opportunities for the device to save lives in a multitude of ways.

    You can read more about the story above right here.

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  4. Bad Cell Signal? Give It A Boost With These Tips and Tricks

    Bad Cell Signal? Give It A Boost With These Tips and TricksNow that we're all hopelessly addicted to the freedom, knowledge and communication afforded to us by smartphones, our big problem has become not which device to choose, but how to get the best coverage. Seems no matter what smartphone we have in our pocket or which carrier we chose to provide us service we all encounter situations where we just can't seem to get reception.

    Fortunately there are some tricks for maximizing the available signal, including finding a signal where you thought there was none.

    If you’re in a good coverage area and are still not getting a signal, something between you and the cell tower is interfering. Buildings, mountains, and other obstructions can cause a bad connection. So can network congestion.

    It’s also possible that the way you decorated your house can block reception. Even the weather can have a negative impact on a cell signal.


    The author, Brian Penny of UpDato.com goes on to explain some simple techniques you can employ to find a signal just about wherever you might find yourself without one. You can read the rest of that article right here.

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  5. Want iOS 9 Right Now? Get it!

    iOS, apple, iPhone, The full, consumer ready version of iOS 9 is still not available, but early adopters can get their hands on a beta version of the operating system for their iPhones and iPads right now.

    It's not super tricky--if you have some basic tech skills you can follow the below tutorial and walk right through the process. But be warned: This is only the beta version, which means you should expect some quirks or issues to pop-up. After all, that's why they release a beta version so consumers can flush out these issues for software engineers to then fix. Even when iOS 9 is ready for public release you can still expect some issues to pop-up. That's just the nature of software design these days.

    Click here for the full video tutorial from Chris Barraclough.

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  6. Guess Who's Swiping (And Tapping?)

    smartphones, apple, samsung, android,Turns out, Millennials may not be the most important demographic for smartphone makers: Researchers say that babies just six months old are actively using smartphones and tablets at an ever increasing rate.

    Researchers with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also found that 1 in seven toddlers is using a mobile device for at least an hour a day.

    These numbers aren’t surprising as the average American spends more and more time on mobile devices. Our obsession with our phones is trickling down to the youngest members of the population. When babies see their parents texting and talking on their phones, their little hands grab for those devices. What’s more, when parents are in situations where they need to distract a fussing child, they often hand over their phones or tablets to consume the bothersome baby.

    Read more about the pro's and con's of all this Baby talk right here.


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  7. Be Good To Your iPhone 6

    Some folks have been waiting weeks to get their hands on a back-order Apple iPhone 6. Folks in Russia, where the ruble has plummeted, have been forced to shell out as much as 50% more for an iPhone 6 than the rest of us.

    Meanwhile, a Ukrainian YouTube celebrity who calls himself TechRax has just released a video of himself supposedly boiling a brand new iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola.

    Why would he do this? Most likely to rack up a couple million YouTube views. It certainly wasn't for research purposes as the most insightful information he provides is that it made his house stink like smoke for a couple hours.

    Not smart. But it certainly is mesmerizing!



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  8. iOS 7 for the iPad: a review

    Apple finally did launch the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices, i.e. iOS 7, yesterday. Amid all the talk of failing servers and the like, what is notable is the fact that iOS 7 is drastically different from its predecessors in many ways. Read on below the break to know about our thoughts about iOS 7 running on an iPad below the break.








    iOS 7 has adopted the flat minimalistic ui made famous in Windows Phone's metro interface , and the holo interface of recent android versions. Gone are the faux leather and metal looks seen in iOS since its launch in 2007, and it has been replaced by flat icons and bars instead.

    There are some significant changes in how iOS works now, with the rather awful multitasking procedure of old replaced by the card based one popularized by webos.
    The background wallpapers now allow for a parallax effect, i.e. they shift according to the way you're holding the iPad. There is a new control center brought in for quick access to toggles for wifi, Bluetooth, AirDrop and the like, along with a mini music player. However , it is a bit 'short' in the iPad compared to the iPhone and can be a bit hard to handle sometimes.

    There are a few annoying bugs that have found their way into the iOS 7 release for the iPad. For starters, there has been a noticeable drop in performance from iOS 6, with random stutters and lags being all too common. The battery life seems to have gone down by an hour as well, even with background app refresh off. Plenty of apps are just not optimized for the iOS 7 as well. The White iOS 7 keyboard appears in some updated apps, but most are yet to incorporate that into their apps, and some probably never will. Multitouch gestures work inconsistently now, and we couldn't get the 5 finger app closing gesture to work in Apple's own Newsstand app.



    iOS 7 is a much needed makeover that iOS needed , but it is sill a little rough around the edges. However, it's nothing that an update or two can't change. Stay tuned!







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  9. Apple struggles to keep up with iPhone 5 orders

    iPhone 5iPhone 5 orders continue to spill in relentlessly.  Apple reported that they sold 5 million iPhones as of Monday.  Now, Apple is experiencing some hardship in fulfilling iPhone 5 orders in a timely manner.  Some unfortunate factors are contributing to the slow manufacturing time.  Recently, a riot broke out at a Foxconn manufacturing plant in China.  The cause of the riot is unknown, but it ended up closing the plant temporarily.  Due to these recent events and the fact that iPhone 5 sales are much higher than anticipated, Apple is struggling to keep up with the growing demand.  On Friday, the iPhone 5 is scheduled to launch in 22 more countries.


    As an assurance to customers, CEO Tim Cook released a statement saying, “While we have sold out of our initial supply, stores continue to receive iPhone 5 shipments regularly, and customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date”.  However, both Apple and Foxconn failed to comment on the riots at the manufacturing plant.


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  10. Developers in India can now register to sell paid apps in Google Play

    In a recent action, Google has finally included India in the list of countries which are allowed to register as Google Checkout merchants and sell paid apps. Prior to this development, the apps developers from India were only allowed to distribute free applications in the Google app store. Indeed this is a big step for Google and needless to mention that, the Indian developers are very happy with this news. Though the outcome is positive, still there are certain complaints in the part of the Indian developers. The inclusion of India happened after Google had added Czech Republic, Poland, Israel and even Mexico.



    In the said list, there are total 31 countries and developers form those countries will be allowed to sell applications in Google app store. Along with the inclusion of India, Google has created certain new rules for posting an app in the Google Play. One of the most important rules is, the Google Checkout account should be linked with the Google Play Developer account. Not only that, this connection can happen only once and that also from within the interface of the developer account. Once you have linked the accounts, you won’t be allowed to remove them or change or update them in any way.

    If you want to opt for a change or update, you need to sign up for a new developer account and need to pay $25. Though the situation has become a little complicated, still this step is going to make things more exciting and provide a huge impetus to the Google app store. This app store how has more than 600,000 android apps and after the inclusion of India, that number will start growing rapidly. The reason behind that will be the current explosion of mobile technology and software development in India. This process will also help the Indian developers to earn more money and secure a better future for them.


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