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  1. Motorola Taking Preorders for Foldable Razr

    Motorola Taking Preorders for Foldable RazrMotorola fans rejoice! The company announced this week it will begin taking preorders for its Foldable Razr model smartphone on January 26.

    That's just days away from now, no if you've been intching to get your hands on one of the latest Motorola models, your first chance is just around the corner.

    Endgadget Associated Editor Mariella Moon on Yahoo! News broke the story on Thursday:

    Motorola's new Razr phone has a foldable display, which allows it to be a modern smartphone with a full-sized screen while staying true to the Razr's flip form factor. It doesn't have the latest and greatest flagship components -- Motorola admits it's a "design-first" device -- and will set you back $1,500.

    You can read that complete story here. They have a few more details about the new foldable Razr including some upcoming potential rivals.

    Let us know in the Comments if you're excited for the new foldable Razr and whether or not you'll be pre-ordering.

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  2. Motorola Jumping Into Foldable Phone Market

    Motorola Jumping Into Foldable Phone MarketLooks as if the next iteration of the Motorola Razr will sport a new foldable design--something akin to a modernized flip-phone. We know this to be a fact because the company itself has released and image teasing the new design which is slated for official unveiling on Nov. 13.

    Business Insider gathered what few details are available into one nice article:

    Apart from its Razr-like design, little else is known about the device, and other details are left in the rumorsphere, which primarily originate from XDA-Developers.  If you wanted to abide by rumors, you could expect mid-range specs from 4-6 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 710 processor. It's also suggested that the new Razr will have a 6.2-inch OLED screen when unfolded, and a smaller display on the exterior, just like the original Razr.

    You can read the entire article here, including release information and expected details.


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  3. Pop-Up Cameras Are Back!

    Pop-Up Cameras Are Back!There have been rumors about pop-up cameras on smartphones for years, but thus far, nobody has done.

    But now Motorola appears ready to take plunge into the nostalgia-verse with a new smartphone design whose camera lens pop-ups from inside the body of the phone.

    GSM Arena grabbed the photos and wrote a nice article:

    One of the photos confirms that the smartphone will have a pop-up camera elevating from the right side of the top bezel. And the other image, showing off small bezels on the top and the sides, tells us that the smartphone will run Motorola's version of Android instead of stock Android.


    It's hard to know when the phone might be ready for release, or even what else it might offer aside from the pop-up camera, but there plenty of rumors. Suffice to say it is only a matter of time until Motorola takes the wrap off their new design and shows it off to the world!


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  4. Future of Flip Phones Is Foldable

    Future of Flip Phones Is FoldableOnce upon a time, after cell phones had transitioned from bricks to something more reasonable looking, flip-phones hit the market. They were the sports car of cell phones back in the day. They didn't do much except calls, texts, and maybe play some weird digitized ring tones, but they were cool.

    They looked more like the '21st Century' than anything else. If we couldn't have flying cars we'd accept flip-phones instead.

    But then, as all things digital do, flip-phones became totally obsolete. Smartphones these days rely on large screens, so using only half the hardware space available for a screen was hardly going to work.

    Now, Motorola appears ready to bring the flip-phone into the '22nd Century' by making it foldable. that's right: when you flip it open there's an entire smartphone screen for you to enjoy; close it, and it slips into any pocket.


    Thing is, it's coming back. All signs pointing to Motorola jumping into the foldable smartphone game feet first with a new Razr—one that will conveniently fold for tucking in pockets only to unfold to your average smartphone size once you take it out...Motorola, for its part, is pretty quiet about the new Razr, but it hasn't denied anything, either.


    You can read more about the theoretical new Razr foldable flip-phone in this article by Maxim. They have details on expected price (Not gonna be cheap--but you likely already guessed that) and hardware specifications.

    In the Comments below let us know if this new foldable flip-phone is a "yes" or a "no" for you.

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  5. Apple loses TWO patent cases against Motorola in one day!

    Apple has been firmly entrenched in the world of patent wars in the recent past. Samsung, the Korean electronics giant, has been the biggest subject of its wrath, and has had quite a few setbacks in the courts against Apple. The Galaxy Tab ban in Australia is a case in point.

    (via Wikimedia Commons)

    Motorola Mobility on the other hand, has turned out to be a far more worthy adversary to Apple in its patent wars. Developments over the last 24 hours have been far from positive for the juggernaut from Cupertino, as noted by FOSSPatents.

    For starters, a German appeals court has ruled in favor of Motorola to continue its legal action against Apple to prevent the latter from using push notifications and iCloud. Apple had tried to proceed a motion against Motorola Mobility to stop them from issuing an injunction against the use of iCloud in iOS devices. This can set in motion a serious setback for Apple's platform, as the push notification system it uses is closely tied with the basic running of its devices. However, even in a worst case scenario, Motorola can only ban iCloud within Germany for the time being.

    Apple has also had a serious setback in its proceedings against Motorola Mobility in the courts of the United States International Trade Commission. Apple had claimed that Motorola was infringing on three of its patents related to touchscreens. However, preliminary findings of the ITC court found no backing proof to Apple's claims.

    Florian Mueller from FOSSPatents does add that this saga isn't going to end anytime soon. Apple is expected to take its patent infringement case to a US Federal Circuit Court sooner than later.


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  6. Motorola Droid X To Get Android 2.3 Gingerbread Starting May 27

    Have an old Motorola Droid X lying around? Well, the phone you thought of discarding in favor of the Droid X’s new brother – the Droid X2 might just get a wee bit smarter in the next few days. Verizon Wireless would be rolling out a much awaited and well deserved Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for the Droid X in the next few days if the little birdies at Mobileburn are to be believed.
    The update would roll out starting Friday, May 27 and would be released in phases. Users would get a notification regarding the available update following which they may choose to update the phone. New features on the updated Droid X would be the addition of a new download manager app and a revamped UI. It would also endow the phone with the ability to group your apps.
    The Motorola Droid X was made available starting July 2, 2010 as a Verizon exclusive device. The phone has almost reached its end of life and this new update might turn out to be amongst the last major updates this device would receive. The Droid X would be replaced by the recently announced Droid X2 which went on sale just last week.
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  7. Motorola Droid 3 Images Leaked

    Looks like its not just the iPhone 5 that might see a launch ater this year. Motorola's series of Droid branded Android handsets might just see the addition of a new member to the group in the form of the droid 3 in the months to come. A set of pictures leaked at Howard Forums show a blurry glimpse of the new handset.

    While not much can be deciphered from these blurry images, some bits like the detailing of the QWERTY keyboard can be seen. The keyboard gets a dedicated set of number keys at the top. This will mean users would no longer need to use the “Alt” key to enter numbers. The phone also gets an HDMI port right next to the microUSB port.

    Another notable addition is the arrow keys for navigation instead of the D-Pad seen on the Droid 1.

    No word as to when this one would be made available to us mere mortals.
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  8. Motorola Xoom To Get Flash 10.2 Update On March 18

    The just launched Motorola Xoom Android powered tablet, is all set to receive a major update later this week when the device will be enabled to run the latest iteration of Flash- the version 10.2 . Adobe is in fact pushing the 10.2 update to most Android devices in the next few weeks. The new version is said to fix a day light saving time bug that was noticed and fixed before it creates issues this weekend.

    The update will be applicable to all Android devices running Android 2.2 Froyo, 2.3 Gingerbread, and 3.0.1 Honeycomb. As expected, there would be improvements over the previous version as well. In the case of version 10.2, this includes support for hardware acceleration and of course, deep integration with the Android browser for Android 3.0.1.

    Another thing to be noticed is the fact that the version that would be released on march 18th would be a beta.
    Looks like it would be update times galore for all you oom users out there. If you recall, the tablet would also be getting the much sought after update to LTE in the not too distant future.
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  9. Motorola Will Update Rooted Xoom Tablets For LTE Access

    In a move that would obviously make the modding community happy, Motorola has sort of confirmed that even rooted Motorola Xoom tablets would be getting the slated upgrade to LTE. It was earlier thought that Motorola would be averse to provide an upgrade to rooted tablets.

    In the recent past, Motorola has been coming closer to the modding community. In the past, the company was ridiculed for coming up with locked ROM’s that if modified ended up in bricking the handset if tinkered with. Of late however, Motorola seems to have understood the value of the powerful modding community.

    In a post on the Motorola Xoom support forums, a Motorola rep has said that they will provide the upgrade treatment to the Xoom even if it runs a modded version of Honeycomb. They do however recommend that users load the stock version of Honeycomb on the device before they bring it for the upgrade so that they can also install the correct corresponding software for the LTE upgrade as well.

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  10. Vodafone UK Set To Launch Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy Tab 10.1

    The just announced Galaxy S II and the successor to the Galaxy Tab, the Galaxy Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 seems all set to be launched in the UK. The Vodafone UK website already has these products listed here and here and is likely to become the first carries that would sell them. Note that these two devices were announced just days ago prior to the start of the MWC at Barcelona, Spain.

    While Vodafone hasn’t revealed as to when these would go on sale, the appearance of these on the website is a clear indication of that happening in the not too distant future.

    There is a rumor of Vodafone offering the Galaxy S II for free on select plans.

    The Galaxy S II is the famed successor the current line up Galaxy S devices from Samsung., It is powered by a Samsung Exymos dual core processor and has a Super AMOLED Plus display. It will run the latest version of Android for smartphones – version 2.3. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 on the other hand will run Android 3.0 Gingerbread, the tablet specific version of the OS. This device features a 10.1 inch display and would compete with the likes of the Motorola Xoom, the HP Touchpad and of course, the Apple iPad.

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