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  1. Apple’s iPhones and iPads break sales records in Q1 2014, still fails to meet analyst expectations

    Apple announced its earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2014 on Monday, and the numbers being thrown about were nothing short of staggering. The Cupertino giant earned a $13.1 billion profit out of a revenue of $57.6 billion. It managed to sell a frankly incredible 26 million iPads and 51 million iPhones. Both of these figures beat Apple’s own records for sales in a single quarter, but it may still not have been enough to meet Wall Street’s expectations. Regardless, read on below the break to know more.             Continue reading →
  2. Adobe Lightroom for iPad coming soon; will require a $99 annual subscription

    Adobe and Apple haven't always had the easiest of relationships, especially with the Flash fiasco, among other things. However, iPads are the de facto standard tablets the world over, and in the hour of need, strange things happen as Adobe has been rolling out its products to the iOS platform over the last few months. The first major one was the Adobe Photoshop, though that did leave a lot to be desired. Now, Adobe seems to be on the verge of launching its other famous photo manipulation application, Lightroom, for iPads. Read on below the break to know more.       [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="704" caption="via 9to5 Mac"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  3. Rumor: Apple iPad Pro to see a September launch?

    The murmur about the iPad Pro has been getting louder and louder, with a whole host of sources claiming that Apple will be launching the iPad with a 12 point something inch sized screen this very year. Now, the occasionally reliable Digitimes claims that APple will be launching the iPad Pro in September this year. Read on below the break to know more.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="642" caption="via Macrumors"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  4. Apple releases poetry themed ad about being creative with the iPad Air

    Apple has been focusing a lot on the whole ‘Life on iPad’ concept in its ad videos of late, and its latest ad is a continuation of that concept, trying to equate the iPad Air with creativity and creative people. The idea is to highlight the usage and the potential of iPads in diverse professions such as sports, film making, music, dance, science, deep sea exploration, and medicine. Helmed by Robin Williams, the ad features him quoting his own character in the 1989 movie, Dead Poets Society. Read on to know more about this new Apple ad. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/jiyIcz7wUH0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiyIcz7wUH0     Continue reading →
  5. Acer announces $149 Iconia A1-830 Android tablet

    Acer has announced its next Android tablet – the Iconia A1-830 – in a press release today. The tablet is expected to be out in the first quarter of 2014, with it set to debut in the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, as things stand. As for the tablet itself, it’s another Android tablet with budget specs, but a serious iPad Mini hangover in a few ways. Read on to know more about the new Acer Iconia tablet.         Continue reading →
  6. The Apple iPad unsurprisingly ruled the US tablet market in 2013

    Apple has done a commendable job of always staying ahead of the curve when it came to tablets, with its line of iPads (& its variants). iPads are virtually synonymous with tablets now, and that’s duly reflected in the latest sales data about tablets sold in the US over the last one year, as iPads rule the roost when it comes to tablet units sold. Read on to know more about this tablet sales report from 2013.       Continue reading →
  7. Review: Coast by Opera – a great new browser for the iPad

    The iPad may have no dearth of browsers for it in the App Store, but how many of them are actually comfortable to use? Every single one of them have tiny buttons located on the far corner of their windows in order to do simple actions like going back to a previous page, closing a current tab and the likes. Very few have an easy way to close multiple tabs (if at all) at once. Wouldn’t it be better if a company really rethought the idea of a tablet browser from the ground up? Fortunately, that’s where the Coast by Opera browser comes in. Read on below to know more about it.         Continue reading →
  8. Pinball HD goes free in the App Store today

    It’s holiday time, and in that festive spirit, Gameprom has offered its excellent Pinball HD game for free in the App Store for today (at least). Read on to know more about the game.                 Continue reading →
  9. Apple reportedly working on 12.9 inch iPad Pro

    New Apple product rumors never seem to be too far away, as the recent iPhone 6 rumors are bound to prove to you. Now, there seems to be a likelihood of Apple working on yet another version of the iPad, shortly on the heels of the launch of its new iPad Air tablet. Read on below to know more.       Continue reading →
  10. Apple's Oct 22 Event: What to expect

    The next Apple event is almost here, and as always there is a lot of speculating going on. Apple has hinted that it has "a lot to cover" in this event, which is pretty much what everybody thinks. There hasn't been any updates or additions to the iPad lineup in a year and pretty much most of the Mac stuff...

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