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  1. Is Apple working on 12 inch iPad with Quanta?

    A report from a Chinese news publication has just claimed that Apple may finally be ready to launch a larger iPad, and it would have a screen size of 12 inches. Read on below the break to know more.       Continue reading →
  2. Apple announces sales of 9 million units of iPhone 5S and 5C in first three days

    Apple has never exactly struggled to get its mobile products have high sales numbers, but even by their standards, the whirlwind success of the newly launched iPhones - the 5S and 5C – must be particularly delightful. Apple has announced that in the three days following their launch, Apple has managed to get an incredible 9 million units of them sold, besting their own records. Read on below the break to know more.     Continue reading →
  3. Apple adds ‘Designed for iOS 7’ section to its App Store

    Apple has gone the full hog and radically changed the look of iOS in iOS 7, as we've talked about already in our overview and review articles about the new mobile operating system. Apple had been adamant in following skeumorphic design principles in iOS so far, with faux leather, wood and metal being the predominant visual flourishes in its UI. Most apps followed suit, and Apple iOS apps tended to have curved and shiny interfaces in general.   iOS 7 has changed all that dramatically, and in response, quite a few apps have adopted the new design guidelines for the OS already. Apple in turn has added a ‘Designed for iOS 7’ section in its App Store for users to easily discover the major apps that have received the redesign after the iOS launch. Read on below the break to know more about it.               Continue reading →
  4. iOS 7 for the iPad: a review

    Apple finally did launch the latest version of its operating system for mobile devices, i.e. iOS 7, yesterday. Amid all the talk of failing servers and the like, what is notable is the fact that iOS 7 is drastically different from its predecessors in many ways. Read on below the break to know about our thoughts about iOS 7 running...
  5. Apple launches new iCloud website with visual touches from iOS 7

    Apple launched a new and revamped version of its website for the iCloud service, i.e. iCloud.com. The look is inspired by Apple’s iOS 7 operating system that is about to launch tomorrow for its set of iDevices, and is one last sneak peek into what kind of make over iOS has received in its latest iteration. Read on below the break to know more.           Continue reading →
  6. The Apple iPhone 5C: What You Need To Know

    Apple launched two iPhones last week in its September 10 event, one of which was the iPhone 5S (which we’ve already covered), and the other was the iPhone 5C. The 5C had been rumored to be the ‘cheap’ iPhone that would steamroll the budget category of phones completely, but what we got instead was a plastic iPhone with bright colors that wasn’t cheap (at least not off contract) by any means. Read on to know more.             Continue reading →
  7. Report confirms that Apple will start shipping two new iPhones from ‘next month’

    It’s almost a foregone conclusion by now that the upcoming Apple event on the 10th of September will be an iPhone themed event, with one, if not two, new iPhone models set for launch then. A new report from the Wall Street Journal reiterates that fact by citing sources in the supply chain in saying that Apple has 2 iPhones lined up for launch by around mid September. Read on below the break to know more. Continue reading →
  8. Piper Jaffray predicts details about the iPhone 5C and 5S

    Noted investment bank and asset management firm Piper Jaffray has always been quite spot on with their predictions about Apple products, and with the potentially game changing low cost iPhone 5C being on the horizon, an analyst from Piper Jaffray has chimed in with what one could expect from the phone borne out of Apple’s unprecedented desire to consolidate its market share for even mid range phones. Read on below the break to know more about what one could expect from the 5C and 5S below the break!             Continue reading →
  9. Apple schedules new iPhone event on September 10

      After months of speculation about what exactly Apple has up its sleeves for the new iPhone, the suspense is finally going to be over in about a month from now, as a report from AllThingsD claims that Apple will be bringing out the new iPhone(s?) on the 10th of September. With plenty of reports about how Apple is losing out on market share in both the tablet and smartphone markets of late, this event will probably go a long way in reinvigorating the popularity of the iPhone, along with telling us where Apple is going ahead in its plans for the future in general. Read on below the break to know more.           Continue reading →
  10. Google launches much improved version of Play Books, introduces textbook rentals

    Google Play Books, a book reading app and service that made its debut some time ago for Android and iOS has received a new and major update yesterday. Moreover, the service has expanded into offering book rentals as well, and it could be a great incentive for users to buy into the Google ecosystem, should they choose to do so. Read on below the break to know more!         Continue reading →