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  1. Apple seeks over $700 million more in damages from Samsung

    The recently concluded legal saga between Apple Inc and Samsung Electronics ended in a massive victory for the former, with the Cupertino company laughing away to the bank with damages worth $1.05 billion awarded to it.  Just one small hitch for everyone relieved by the end of that protracted affair - it might not have been 'concluded' after all.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="689" caption="via FOSS Patents"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  2. Apple iOS 6 Maps app gets a severe backlash

    Apple was typically gushing about its new Maps app in its promotional efforts, citing the 3D Flyover effect and vector graphics to be huge benefits of its new mapping solution. The hype surrounding these features was palpable, at the very least, and more and more people had reason to be convinced that Apple would add a revolutionary touch to Google Maps' tried and tested approach with its in house solution. Now that iOS 6 has launched, and brought along the app to a public audience, the response has been almost overwhelmingly negative. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="3D views don't quite suit the Petronas Twin Towers, do they?"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  3. Apple’s “Lightning” connector won’t change your life as much as you think

    LightningEver since the beginning of the iPod line, Apple has used the 30-pin connector as a standard on all iPods and iOS devices.  The great thing about the connector was that it was universal across all products.  Therefore, you could use one cord to sync and charge all of your iOS devices and iPods.  Loyal Apple consumers stocked up on connection cables from all of the iOS devices, iPods, and accessories that they have purchased.   Now, say goodbye to the 30-pin connector that we’ve known for so long.  Starting with the iPhone 5, Apple is replacing the 30-pin connector on all iOS devices and iPods with a new “Lightning” connection.  According to Apple, Lightning is faster than the 30-pin predecessor.  Probably the biggest reason that Apple decided to replace the 30-pin connection was to create a smaller solution.  By downsizing the connection, Apple can make their current devices even thinner and lighter.  Apple is always looking for ways to downsize hardware in order to create a thinner and lighter device.  For example, Apple recently created a smaller but equally powerful processor and SIM card. Continue reading →
  4. Samsung rips into the iPhone 5 with its latest ad

    Samsung and Apple aren't exactly the most chummy companies out there - that isn't really much of a doubt anymore after there widely publicized squabbling over patents lately. The $1.05 billion damages won by Apple has only poisoned the waters further. Apple's typically self effusive response in the aftermath of the trial decision, where it harped upon its own 'values', didn't go down too well with the folks at Samsung Electronics, and now they've released the latest in their series panning Apple products. The Apple product in their crosshairs is a fairly obvious choice - it is the just announced iPhone 5. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="640" caption="via Mashable"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  5. The iPod Nano gets modified by Apple yet again

    The iPod Nano has a strange history in terms of its hardware design. Launched in 2005 as a replacement for the iPod Mini, the Nano has undergone radical changes with every refresh from Apple. Apple announced the Nano's latest version, which happens to be the 7th generation of the product, will be releasing in October, and has a significant number of changes from the 6th gen Nano from last year.   Continue reading →
  6. iPhone 5 announced, includes larger screen, A6 processor, 4G LTE, and more

    iPhone 5Apple held a keynote today, where they announced the next generation of the highly proclaimed iPhone. Dubbed “iPhone 5”, this new phone is simply stellar. With many new features and hardware changes, the iPhone 5 announcement lived up to the high amounts of anticipation from investors and consumers. Continue reading →
  7. What to expect in iOS 6, the software powering the iPhone 5

    iOS 6You can nearly smell the excitement that the iPhone 5 yields in the air.  But let's not forget about the software part of things, either.  The iPhone 5 will more than likely ship with iOS 6, the next major upgrade to Apple's mobile operating system.  Conveniently, Apple has already announced iOS 6 and its biggest features.  Let’s revisit this announcement so that we can be even more prepared for Wednesday’s iPhone 5 announcement! Continue reading →
  8. iPhone 5 expected to be so popular that it could significantly boost U.S. economic growth

    It seems that every year the iPhone announcement becomes increasingly popular.  Maybe it’s because the iPhone has reached a point that it already has so much in it, what could Apple add to it?  The announcement has everyone on the edge of their chairs, including investors and consumers.  These investors and consumers could contain the excitement necessary to give the...
  9. Apple and Amazon are among the several companies that are outrageously overcharging flash storage

    flashWhen you buy a product with multiple capacity options, how do you determine if the higher capacity is worth the higher cost?  You’ve probably thought about how expensive it is to simply increase the physical storage of a given device.  Take Apple’s iPad, for example: the 16GB model costs $499, the 32GB model costs $599, and the 64GB model costs $699 (all models are WiFi-only models in this case).  Have you ever thought about what justifies a $100 increase in price for 16GB more storage, going from the 16GB model to 32GB model?   The fact is that Apple is overcharging you quite a bit of money.  In fact, Apple isn’t the only company to overcharge for flash storage.  Most smartphone and tablet manufacturers are following the trend of overcharging for flash storage.  You might not even want to know what flash storage costs to Apple.  So be warned…you may feel like you wasted your money after reading this article.   Just to prove that Apple isn’t the only company that is overcharging for storage (since I know some Apple haters will have a jolly time with this article otherwise), Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD is another good example.  A 16GB WiFi model costs $300 and a 32GB WiFi model costs $370.  There is no difference between the two models other than the capacity of the flash storage.  So does 16GB of storage cost $70 to Amazon? Continue reading →
  10. September 12 may see the launch of an updated iPod Touch as well

    With barely a couple of days to go before the big Apple media event on the 12th of September, all the focus and incessant hype has been revolving around the iPhone 5, and the iPad Mini (the latter to a lesser extent of late, though). One device that has somewhat slipped through the collective media's net might be the new version of the iPod Touch, and it may have a 4 inch screen to boot, a la the iPhone 5's rumored screen size.   Continue reading →