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  1. Free app of the week: Infinity Blade

    For the first time ever, the highly successful role playing game on the App store is available free of cost. The award winning game first came out in 2010, and was an instant hit. Infinity Blade was the first mobile game to make use of the Unreal Engine 3, which gives a huge boost to the game graphics. The story...
  2. Mailbox for iOS launched

    Orchestra’s Mailbox is one of the most highly anticipated apps to hit the App Store. For those who completely missed the buzz surrounding this app, Mailbox is an email management app, which employs a totally new approach to organize your inbox. Right now, the service is only compatible with Gmail, but support for other email service providers will come in...
  3. iPhone 5S and iPhone 6 might be coming in 2013

    If rumors are to be believed, Apple is planning to release the next iterations of iPhone very soon. According to sources, there will be two new iPhone models released this year. One will be an improved version of the iPhone 5, and will be named as iPhone 5S as per Apple convention. The other will be the next installment in...
  4. Rope Escape: Review

    There’s no dearth of side scrolling games for mobile these days, and it’s quite apparent that they enjoy immense popularity. The simple reason is that they are easy to learn, addictive, and are usually never ending, thereby providing hours of gameplay. Rope escape is another addition to this genre of mobile games, and is receiving quite a lot of praise...
  5. Free app of the week: Early Bird

    Early Bird is the latest app to go free on the Apple app store. This is a light and fun-filled game, packed with adorable and gorgeous graphics. Developed by the company called Booyah, Early Bird is available for both iPhone and iPad devices. The gameplay is pretty simple and the controls consist entirely of finger swipes to get the bird...
  6. Apple could be planning to make a 128GB iOS device at long last!

    Apple device users have often had a common complaint right from the early days of the iPhone - a lack of expandable memory. While Apple had good reasons to avoid flash memory (witness the scores of Android devices around that get slowed down to a crawl thanks to 10s of GBs added in , in the form of microSD cards), it was a bit annoying that Apple decided not to offer a 128 GB version of even its much vaunted 'post PC' device - the iPad tablet. However, from the looks of it, early leaks in the iOS 6.1 developer code seem to indicate that Apple may have a 128 GB device lined up at some point in the future after all.   Continue reading →
  7. Court documents reveal passive aggressive threats made by Steve Jobs to Palm

    There has been a popular narrative among Android / Google fans that Apple is a corporate Goliath that is willing to take up any step whatsoever in its attempts at launching, in the words of Apple's now deceased CEO Steve Jobs, a 'thermonuclear war' on its rivals like Android. While there has been a fair amount of evidence to prove that those claims may be at least a tad exaggerated, some new reports emerging from court documents related to a class action suit against several Silicon Valley giants seem to indicate that Jobs himself was not exactly diplomatic in trying to threaten the currently non existent Palm with a multitude of consequences if they didn't comply with his (and Apple's anti poaching measures).       Continue reading →
  8. Temple Run 2 gets downloaded 20 MILLION times 4 days after being released in the App Store

    Temple Run was the unexpected hit from Imangi Studios that has gone on to define the genre of casual mobile gaming, along with the likes of Angry Birds and the like. Pretty much everyone with an iPhone, iPad or iPad with some time to kill seemed to have Temple Run installed, made in app purchases, and effectively turned a rather basic game into a phenomenon of sorts. From the looks of it, its just released sequel, Temple Run 2, is a chip off the old block to say the least.       Continue reading →
  9. Temple Run 2 for iOS released; coming soon on Android devices

    Imangi Studios have released the sequel to their highly praised endless-running game, calling it Temple Run 2. The first installment was extremely successful on both iOS and Android platforms, spawning dozens of games set in a similar gameplay model of running endlessly, jumping and sliding to avoid obstacles while trying to get away from what appears to be monster monkeys...
  10. Apple slashes Thunderbolt cable prices

    Apple made a bit of a splash when it released the Thunderbolt interface for its series of Macs. It was a whole new technology that could revolutionize connector technology, but its price remained a sticking point for many consumers. That may be about to change, thanks to Apple's latest announcement.         Continue reading →