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  1. Apple’s iPad 5th gen to reportedly debut after iPhone 5S and have rear mic

      The speculation related to Apple’s next series of devices is slowly starting to gain steam, and will presumably reach a fever pitch as the next few months pass by. Apple Insider has cited a report from the prominent Japanese Apple watcher website Macotakara in which the iPad 5 (or the 5th gen iPad as Apple is likely to call it) is unsurprisingly being expected to release in late 2013, but apparently its launch will be preceded by what Macotakara calls the iPhone 5S. Moreover, the upcoming iPad 5th gen is expected to feature a rear mic as well.             Continue reading →
  2. Can HTC’s new tablets challenge the iPad?

    HTC’s previous foray into the tablet market was unsuccessful to say the least. The HTC Flyer was an Android based tablet which failed to impress anyone. HTC is reportedly planning to step into the Tablet market again, this time with two Windows based tablets.   According to leaked information, the tablets have been codenamed R7 and R12, and are expected...
  3. US Patent and Trademark Office denies Apple trademark for iPad Mini

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office has denied Apple’s application for getting a trademark on the trade name ‘iPad Mini’. The official reason cited by the US Patent and Trademark Office for the rejection is that the ‘mini’ in the name ‘iPad Mini’ is simply a descriptor of the product (in this case, the Apple tablet), rather than being a unique name for the tablet.       Continue reading →
  4. Windows 8 certification rules get changed: Microsoft may have the iPad Mini in its crosshairs

    Windows 8 is an incredibly ambitious attempt made by Microsoft to alter the way its ubiquitous operating system works on a very radical level. The tile based UI is explicitly geared towards touch based devices such as tablets, while also bringing something new to the table in terms of user experience, as opposed to what’s seen in iOS and Android. Regardless, the OS hasn’t had it easy since its launch, with various bugs and missing features being a common theme among the complaints that users have had with Windows 8, and with Microsoft’s own Surface tablets especially. Nevertheless, the Redmond giant may have decided to stop targeting the full sized iPad, as its restrictive Windows 8 certification rules have been relaxed to allow smaller screen tablets, i.e. tablets with dimensions similar to those of the iPad Mini.         Continue reading →
  5. Apple takes Samsung feud to the next level – hire Innolux to make iPad Mini displays

    Samsung and Apple have been fighting a bitter and protracted legal battle in courts the world over, as they happen to compete in just about every segment of the tech world – especially phones and tablets. But the entire ground on which their antagonistic relationship is based has been queered by the fact that Samsung is the largest manufacturer of individual parts and components used in Apple products.   This strangely symbiotic relationship has mystified a great number of people, but it has ultimately benefited Samsung heavily, as it has been able to use economies of scale brought about by its huge Apple contracts in order to push forward with its own aggressive approaches to the Android smartphone and tablet markets.   Apple however may just be trying to move away from its dependence on Samsung, however. They are reportedly dropping Samsung and hiring a Taiwanese firm called Innolux for making iPad Mini displays.     Continue reading →
  6. Night Night! HD – Apple’s latest free App of the Week

    Apple’s App of the Week offers have ended making a number of gems of apps free, and hence more accessible to more people, ever since they’ve been introduced. The latest free App of the Week is one that is absolutely perfect for the kids out there who can’t do without a fix of their parents’ iPad tablets. Its name is Nighty Night HD, and it is an interactive bedtime book that is absolutely perfect for children.         Continue reading →
  7. Apple starts warning of in-app purchases in freemium apps

    Apple has started putting out warnings in its App Store listings for freemium iOS apps, in case they have in app purchasing options inside them. This has come on the back of in app purchases being a focus and a talking point for a lot of people recently due to a number of infamous incidents.     Continue reading →
  8. Apple releases iOS 6.1.3 to fix flaws and bugs

    Apple has just released the latest version of iOS 6 – version number 6.1.3. The biggest change brought about by this iOS version update is that the exploit where the lock screen security measure could be bypassed rather easily (and manually) has been fixed.       Continue reading →
  9. iPad Copy Paste Tutorial

    Copying and pasting is an essential activity that comes into play when you use a device for browsing or typing emails and documents. This becomes even more crucial in the case of the iPad, as it is a device that is geared primarily towards those two very functions. Hence, read on to find out how to cut, copy and paste in your new iPad.       Continue reading →
  10. iTunes U initiative crosses 1 billion content downloads

    iTunes U is one of the most organized and well thought out services across technology that lets users get access to quality educational material on their devices. It has been a fairly low profile service from Apple that has been around for almost 6 years now (though the dedicated iPad app for it came just last year), but judging by Apple’s latest statement, iTunes U has proved to be a staggeringly popular initiative, with over 1 billion content downloads recorded on it!     Continue reading →

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