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  1. Ban on certain iPads and iPhones from Samsung vetoed by President Obama

      Samsung and Apple have faced each other off in an unending saga of patents litigation cases that have spanned the world. While Apple managed to get the blockbuster $1 billion fine out of the Korean giants for the high profile design patent infringement case, the latter did manage to get a win against Apple by getting pretty much all of its older devices banned in the US. That’s not the case anymore though, so you've got to read on below the break to know more!               Continue reading →
  2. Apple offers Back to School gift cards for iPads and Macs

    College students looking to buy a new tablet and / or laptop may just have yet another reason to go with Apple’s series of devices now. Apple has started a Back to School offer that gives students or faculty at any and every level some absolutely great gift cards to incentivize their purchases of Macs, iPads or iPad Minis! Read on below the break to know more about this new offer.                 Continue reading →
  3. Apple releases iOS 7 Beta 4 for iPhone and iPad

    Apple has made a splash in the tech world (in both a good way and bad) with its upcoming iOS 7 operating system for its iPhones and iPads. Despite being highly conservative with the changes it made to iOS since its launch with the iPhone all those years ago (2007, actually), Apple took a complete u-turn and gave its mobile OS a complete makeover. Although it won’t actually be out for the public till October, Apple has been releasing periodic beta versions of the new iOS almost every month. The latest out of the blocks is Beta 4. Read on to know more about it below the break.                 Continue reading →
  4. Apple earned $6.9 billion in Q3 sales, including those of nearly 15 million iPads

    Apple recently released its quarterly earnings and sales report for the third quarter of the year, and while its sales and profits are arguably unmatched industry wide (except by one or two Samsung phones), its own profit margins and sales figures have taken a dip across almost all of its devices, including the iPad. Read on below the break to know more about the Apple report!           Continue reading →
  5. Samsung infringes Apple’s bounce back patent in Japan

    As the patent battle drones on between Apple and Samsung, another round has been won by Apple after a Tokyo court decided that Samsung had infringed upon Apple’s bounce back patent. This comes as a blow to Samsung because earlier this year the United States Patent and Trademark office had ruled that this particular patent is not valid. Although in a...
  6. iOS 7 unveiled by Apple, available for download in fall

    Apple has unveiled the latest version of its mobile OS, calling it the iOS 7, at the WWDC in San Francisco. As the rumors had indicated, iOS has received a heavy design overhaul. This is the first ever change made to the user interface of the OS that was released with the first iPhone 6 years ago.     The...
  7. Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t infringe iPad design rules says Supreme court in the Netherlands

    The ruling handed down by the highest court in Netherlands has come as a huge blow to Apple’s ambitions to keep Samsung’s tablets out of play. The Dutch court deduced that Samsung has not infringed on Apple’s patents and that the Galaxy Tabs were sufficiently different from Apple’s iPad in terms of design.     Apple has been vigorously opposing...
  8. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 and 10.1 specs leaked

    There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the expected launch of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 models. The 7 inch variant has already been announced but various rumors and leaks have somewhat confirmed the existence of 8 inch and 10.1 inch models.   A couple of photos of these two tablets have been leaked online which further strengthen the...
  9. Major Design Overhaul Expected with iOS 7

    If there’s one thing about iOS 6 that was unanimously criticized, it was the lack of any major modifications to the general user interface. iOS has looked the same since its inception, whereas the competing Android OS has changed its look by leaps and bounds over the years. A fresh look for Apple’s mobile operating system will certainly bring respite...
  10. Fingerprint Security Coming to Samsung Devices Soon

    It is no secret that Apple has been dabbling in fingerprint protection technology for its mobile phones. Apple had acquired AuthenTec Inc. for $356 million for this very reason. This move can be considered to be in the right direction, taking into account the fact that mobile phones are fast becoming modes of payment.   Rumors have been flying around...

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