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  1. Google Hangouts app for iPad, iPhone and Android released

    Google made a bunch of announcements this week, and Hangouts is one of the most important one of those. The new Hangouts app replaces the Google Talk app, which has been a center of criticism for far too long. Google has finally taken note, and has overhauled the Google Talk app, giving it the Google Plus treatment. The two biggest talking points of this new app are group video calling and the conversation based interface.     Google Hangouts app for iPad, iPhone and Android released     Continue reading →
  2. Google launching Nexus version of Samsung Galaxy S 4 on June 26th for $649

    Google’s ongoing Google I/O 2013 event has had some interesting talking points, but one of the headlining ones is that the Mountain View giant will be launching a Nexus version of the flagship Samsung Android smartphone – the Galaxy S 4 – next month, on the 26th of June, for $649. Nexus devices have always been held in high regard by users and critics compared to pretty much any other branded Android phone or tablet, and consolidating the Nexus brand with the powerful hardware seen in the Samsung Galaxy S 4 could prove to be an excellent idea. Read on to know more about the Nexus Galaxy S 4!       [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="612" caption="Image credits: The Verge"][/caption]     Continue reading →
  3. Verizon bringing Galaxy S 4 a week earlier than expected now

    Verizon users who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 are in for a treat as VZW have advanced the launch date of the Galaxy S 4 by a week, to May 23rd now. The Galaxy S 4 is already available for preorder online from Verizon for a price tag of a reasonable $199.99 (with a $50 rebate for a new two year customer agreement).  May 23rd will be the date when the S 4 will be available for purchase online (from Verizon’s web store) and from Verizon Wireless Stores.       Continue reading →
  4. Images of Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini get leaked

    Barely a day after the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Zoom (which packs in a camera with a whopping 10x optical zoom) emerged, images of its cousin in the Galaxy lineup for its price segment – the Galaxy S 4 Mini – have been leaked as well. Read on to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini!        (All images courtesy Weibo @PunkPanda)   Continue reading →
  5. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 gets the FCC certification

    A lot of rumors have been flying about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It has been widely speculated that 3 different models of Tab 3 are in the making, all having different screen sizes. The Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, which will have a 7 inch screen, received its FCC certification a couple of weeks ago. Now the rumors about the...
  6. Samsung attacks Apple’s iPhone again in a new Galaxy S 4 ad

      It has been a while since Samsung has been borrowing the core ideas from Apple’s “I’m a Mac” campaign in the way they aggressively compare their own product with a competitor. The Korean company has Apple itself in its crosshairs of course, and has frequently tried painting all iPhone users as hipsters and mindless sheep who are obsessive about getting an iPhone simply because it is an iPhone. The ads may have met with a mixed reception, but they grabbed eyeballs and attention for Samsung’s last flagship phone, the Galaxy S 3. Now, a TV spot for the new flagship, the S 4, takes subtle shots at Apple while demonstrating its own features.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlXp41WwpOs       Continue reading →
  7. Samsung Galaxy S IV smokes iPhone 5, Xperia Z and BB Z10 in benchmark tests

    Android Authority has performed benchmark tests following the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, and the scores from those tests have thrown up some interesting results. In a comparison with the latest and greatest models of smartphones from Samsung’s biggest competitors – Apple, Sony & HTC, the Samsung Galaxy S IV has come out on top very, very comfortably.     [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Via Android Authority"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  8. Samsung Galaxy S IV: The Expected Specs

    In the last couple of weeks, Samsung has been teasing and hinting at all the possible features that its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone could possibly have. Most of what the world knows is speculation so far, but there are reliable sources such as GSM Arena which have managed to compile an almost exhaustive list of features that can be reasonably expected to be in the Galaxy S IV when it does see the light of the day. Read on to find out more about them!       Continue reading →
  9. Strategy Analytics: Android tablets covered MASSIVE ground on iPad in Q3

    There hasn't been any dearth of Android tablets that managed to do well in terms of sales numbers. Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy XYZ - you name it, and you will realize that there have been isolated instances of success among the hordes of Android tablets that get launched every year. But the fact remains that none, and absolutely none manage to hold a candle to the Apple iPad's sales numbers across any given time.   Continue reading →
  10. Rovio launches Angry Birds spinoff: Bad Piggies

    Rovio Mobile was a small app developer three years back. And then, the Angry Birds phenomenon happened, and overturned its fortunes from near bankruptcy to being the biggest of the big fish (or birds, in this case?). Rovio continued to piggyback on its blockbuster game's sequels - Angry Birds Rio, Seasons, and Space. While the latter was a creative reimagining of the popular mobile game, at the end of the day it was still more of the same, much like Rio and Seasons before it. Amazing Alex was Rovio's next experiment at trying out something new altogether - but despite positive word of mouth, it crashed spectacularly in the Top Downloads charts beyond the first few weeks of its much hyped launch. Now, Rovio has done the next best thing - it has launched a new game called Angry Birds, and that's a game that borrows elements from both Angry Birds and Amazing Alex.   Continue reading →