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  1. Google Play edition of Samsung Galaxy S 4 now shipping to users

    Google made quite the splash by launching 'Nexus' versions of two of the most prominent Android smartphones of today - the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S 4. Both of them have been up for pre order from the Google Play Store for some time now, and the Google variant of the Samsung phone is the first out of the blocks, as it has finally started shipping to users who had pre ordered it in the last few days. Read on to know more!         Continue reading →
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch event to be held on September 4?

      It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assert that a Samsung device launch event is never too long way at any given time of the year, and so it’s proved yet again with the latest rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. To be precise, the Note 3 phablet’s probably launch event date has been leaked, and is expected to be held after a couple of months, on the 4th of September.         Continue reading →
  3. Samsung Galaxy S 4 Google edition now available on Google Play Store

    Last month, in its I/O 2013 event, Google had announced its plans to bring the two current Android smartphone flagships from Samsung and HTC – the Galaxy S 4 and One, respectively. The three tech majors have finally gone ahead and brought the two vanilla Android powered smartphones to the world, and now you can get the Google editions of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (and HTC One) from the Play Store right away. Read on to know more about them!             Continue reading →
  4. Cross-platform Blackberry Messenger (BBM) coming to iOS and Android soon on unspecified date

    Blackberry had announced a few weeks ago that it would be launching its well known Blackberry Messenger app to the two most popular mobile OS’s – Android and iOS. T-Mobile leaked the exact launch date to be at the end of this month – June 27 to be exact. Blackberry has gone ahead and denied that, however, leaving the launch date up in the air again. Read on to know more!                 Continue reading →
  5. Wall Street Journal: Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini to be launched on June 20th

    A report from Wall Street Journal indicates that the much rumored Samsung Galaxy S 4 spinoff – the Galaxy S 4 Mini – will see a launch in a little over 3 weeks from now, on June 20. There have been various details leaked about this phone already (with Samsung being one of the main sources of this, all thanks to an inadvertently leaked preview page for the Mini), but the June 20th launch date to be held in London will bring the Mini out in the real world officially, along with the Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy Note III smartphone in all likelihood (along with rumored Windows 8 based devices). Read on to know more about the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini below the break.         [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="via Gottabemobile.com"][/caption]   Continue reading →
  6. Photos of Galaxy S4 Mini Accidentally Posted on Samsung Website

    There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the much awaited Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, aimed at people who feel the Galaxy S4 is just too big. So far, there has been no official confirmation from Samsung to prove that the device even exists. All we had up until this point were some leaked images and rumors, but the appearance...
  7. Major Design Overhaul Expected with iOS 7

    If there’s one thing about iOS 6 that was unanimously criticized, it was the lack of any major modifications to the general user interface. iOS has looked the same since its inception, whereas the competing Android OS has changed its look by leaps and bounds over the years. A fresh look for Apple’s mobile operating system will certainly bring respite...
  8. Fingerprint Security Coming to Samsung Devices Soon

    It is no secret that Apple has been dabbling in fingerprint protection technology for its mobile phones. Apple had acquired AuthenTec Inc. for $356 million for this very reason. This move can be considered to be in the right direction, taking into account the fact that mobile phones are fast becoming modes of payment.   Rumors have been flying around...
  9. Apple’s latest allegations: Galaxy S 4 and Google Now infringe on Siri related patents

    Apple and Samsung’s legal wranglings have been protracted at every stage, to put it mildly. Their latest run in has involved Apple putting the flagship Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, in its legal crosshairs in recent weeks. After notifying the California court where the patent litigation proceedings are underway about its intentions to amend its allegations against Samsung, the Cupertino company is back this week with claims that make not just the Samsung Galaxy S 4 the infringing party, but Google’s very own Now assisted search app as well. Read on to find out more about this scoop sourced from Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents.             Continue reading →
  10. Samsung expects to cross 10 MILLION in Galaxy S 4 smartphone sales by next week!

      Samsung’s flagsip Galaxy S 4 Android smartphone may not have been as much of an improvement over the Galaxy S 3 that preceded it, but there wasn’t ever any doubt about it doing well. However, doing ‘well’ would be an understatement, given that Samsung’s co-CEO, J K Shin, has claimed that there will have been 10 million units of the Galaxy S 4 sold by next week.       Continue reading →