Samsung and Apple have faced each other off in an unending saga of patents litigation cases that have spanned the world. While Apple managed to get the blockbuster $1 billion fine out of the Korean giants for the high profile design patent infringement case, the latter did manage to get a win against Apple by getting pretty much all of its older devices banned in the US. That’s not the case anymore though, so you've got to read on below the break to know more!








The President Obama Administration has effectively vetoed the ITC ban brought about by Samsung against GSM versions of the Apple iPad 2 and iPhone 4. Samsung managed to get these older Apple devices banned on the pretext of wireless technology patents. The ITC ban was strange as it went ahead with the ban, despite the infringed Samsung patents being SEPs – standards essential patents, patents which are not allowed to be used in infringement cases as they’re essential for basic industry-wide technology.



There isn’t much to be surprised about regarding the relationship between Apple and Samsung any more. Although they share a symbiotic relationship of sorts, with Samsung being the largest hardware supplier for a whole host of Apple devices, they have clashed time and again in the courts over Samsung’s own ventures in to the consumer device market, and nowhere was it more clear than in the long running design patent litigation that resulted in a fine of over a whopping $1 billion. Samsung did seem to get some minor victories in the aftermath of that case but as it turns out, it many have just overstepped the line by trying to get its rival’s older devices banned on the pretext on infringing on what was essentially a standards essential patent. This clearly isn't over though, so lets see what the next round of sparring brings us!