Apple and Samsung’s legal wranglings have been protracted at every stage, to put it mildly. Their latest run in has involved Apple putting the flagship Samsung smartphone, the Galaxy S 4, in its legal crosshairs in recent weeks. After notifying the California court where the patent litigation proceedings are underway about its intentions to amend its allegations against Samsung, the Cupertino company is back this week with claims that make not just the Samsung Galaxy S 4 the infringing party, but Google’s very own Now assisted search app as well. Read on to find out more about this scoop sourced from Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents.







Apple has claimed that the Galaxy S 4 Android smartphone has infringed 5 of its patents, and the Google Now search app for iOS and Android infringes on 2 patents as well.  2 of the patents have been infringed by both of the allegedly guilty parties according to Apple’s suit, and they are related to unified search, or Siri, to be more specific.

Three of the patents infringed exclusively by the Samsung smartphone are as follows:



Apple though has previous with the ruling judge in this case – Judge Paul S. Grewal. He had called the behavior of Apple’s legal team unacceptable back in March, due to their apparent lack of coordination and preparation in their legal documentation.

However, this latest onslaught by the typically belligerent Apple Inc. is bound to bring up a confrontation with Google after all, despite the two companies largely fighting a proxy war against each other so far. The next few months will let us know how this pans out.