Apple has made a splash in the tech world (in both a good way and bad) with its upcoming iOS 7 operating system for its iPhones and iPads. Despite being highly conservative with the changes it made to iOS since its launch with the iPhone all those years ago (2007, actually), Apple took a complete u-turn and gave its mobile OS a complete makeover. Although it won’t actually be out for the public till October, Apple has been releasing periodic beta versions of the new iOS almost every month. The latest out of the blocks is Beta 4. Read on to know more about it below the break.









For starters, the lock screen UI in iOS 7, seemingly inspired by Windows Phone 8, has been modified somewhat. Answer/Decline buttons have got a new look as well. The snazzy new animations are apparently much faster now. An option with ‘Completed Uploads’ is now available in the Notification Center. Messages will only show the first letter of the last name of the person you’re chatting with, saving a decent bit of space. The HDR On/Off button in the Camera app is much more accessible. The Shuffle All Songs option was strangely absent earlier, but is now back in the Music app. Apple now asks if you want to “Help Improve Maps” when you first launch Maps app (which shouldn’t be that much of a surprise anymore, should it?). Filters will now be available in Camera app for iPhone 4S. There is a new iPad resolution toggle when running iPhone apps now, should you so choose. There are some hints for fingerprint recognition in this version of iOS 7 as well.



It goes without saying that not all of the possible features hinted at through the code will actually be implemented in the final public release of iOS 7. However, as always, it reveals the direction Apple is going in. Head to the Apple dev site (if you have a license, that is) to find out about more about this new version of iOS for yourself!