College students looking to buy a new tablet and / or laptop may just have yet another reason to go with Apple’s series of devices now. Apple has started a Back to School offer that gives students or faculty at any and every level some absolutely great gift cards to incentivize their purchases of Macs, iPads or iPad Minis! Read on below the break to know more about this new offer.









The new Apple Back to School offer states that if you buy an iPad, iPad mini or iPhone for college (or school, if you’re a teacher) – a $50 iTunes gift card. The gift card can of course be used to buy absolutely anything you want off the App Store for the stated amount. If you end up buying a Mac, the offer improves to a pretty substantial $100 iTunes gift card!


Apple has stated the group of people who are eligible for this gift card offer. You could be a student in college already, or a student who has received an acceptance to a college, or a parent buying for a college student, or even a faculty or staff member from absolutely any grade level!


Apple products hardly ever get price cuts, unlike their competition. They rarely offer any such discount offers either though, it must be said. You should head to Apple’s site for the Back to School offer here if you’re eligible for it, and make the most of it while the offer lasts!