Apple iPhone 11 Wins For Best Camera!Way back when smartphones first came out, Apple iPhones dominated in the digital camera department. You could say that Apple made smartphones the defacto camera for everyone by forcing their competitors to drastically improve their own digital cameras. In fact, companies were so eager to dethrone iPhone as the best digital camera on the market - that they did just that. Google Pixel has had the best digital camera since it was released years ago. But all that changed this week when Business Insider proclaimed that the Apple iPhone 11 has the best smartphone camera on the market:

Ultimately, however, it's pretty clear that Apple's iPhone 11 Pro is the overall winner for the best smartphone camera of 2019 and most of 2020 until new phones are announced.

Apple's win is largely due to its fantastic regular and zoomed cameras, including the option of an ultra-wide lens. The iPhone 11 Pro is simply a more versatile camera than the Pixel 4, which only includes a regular camera lens and a zoomed lens. And unfortunately, Google's software magic for digital zooming doesn't make up for the missing ultra-wide camera on the Pixel 4.

The Business Insider article just a thorough breakdown of several different types of photographs, with side-by-side comparisons between the Google Pixel and the iPhone 11.

You can read that entire Business Insider article here.