Apple recently released its quarterly earnings and sales report for the third quarter of the year, and while its sales and profits are arguably unmatched industry wide (except by one or two Samsung phones), its own profit margins and sales figures have taken a dip across almost all of its devices, including the iPad. Read on below the break to know more about the Apple report!






Q3 saw sales of 31.2 million iPhones, quite a great deal higher than the 26 million figure from Q3 2012. In its PR release, Apple went on to claim that the iPhone sales for the June quarter had set a sales record, moreover. There were 14.6 million iPads sold by the end of Q3 as well, a full 2.5 million below its sales from the same quarter last year. 3.8 million units of the Mac were sold as well, slightly below the 4 million figure of Q3 2012. The iPod continues to fade into oblivion, as its sales fell by a third to barely 4.5 million units.
The average sales prices and the dip in the number of units sold of devices like the iPad will undoubtedly be a reason for concern for both tech and financial markets going ahead. Although Apple is expected to launch a plethora of new (and 'revolutionary') devices in the short to medium term, it remains to be seen whether they will indeed provide the kind of push for it to get out of its mid year doldrums.



Source: Apple Insider